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You have invested in a great business, one that has the potential to engage every driver that takes pride in the appearance of their vehicle.

Tips To Suds Up Your Car Wash Business, 3 Tips To Suds Up Your Car Wash Business With Direct Mail PromotionsBut you still need to attract the drivers’ attention and give them a reason to stop in. Rather than doing an ad campaign that you hope is all things to all people, consider this:

Direct mail presents the ideal marketing strategy to put your message right into the homes of the people you want to target.

Here are some suggestions or Tips To Suds Up Your Car Wash Business to bring new customers into your business using direct mail campaigns.

1. Present your message to people who will be most likely to respond. Today, more than ever, there are many choices when selecting a mailing list. Here are some examples :

  • Birthday – Run a promotion around a person’s birthday. This is a great way to target monthly mailings.
  • Auto model year – Do you see more clients that have newer cars? You can send your information out to more people with cars the same age.
  • Autotype – With today’s variable print, you can put a picture of the type of car people own right on your postcard or brochure.

2. Decide which type of “special” you want to offer

  • Big Discount for your first visit
  • Buy one-Get One Free
  • Discounted coupon book or passport

3. Use the advertising style that you think will best fit your offer and target demographic

    • Whimsical: Joke about looking good or attracting attention with your shiny clean car
    • Respect: Maintain the respect of your business colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family
    • Practical: Keeping dirt, dust, and salt off your vehicle will help it last longer with a higher resale value.

ListAbility’s mailing lists can help many industries, including car washes, find new prospects to grow their business. In addition to the standard consumer demographic selects, such as age and income, ListAbility’s Automotive Masterfile Mailing List and Happy Birthday Promotions databases are 2 more examples of our mail lists that will help you save money.

Target your direct marketing campaign to people who are most likely to respond to your product or service!

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