Property Owner Leads

If you are in real estate investing, finding Property Owner Leads is one of the first steps to success. In today’s competitive market, many investors look out for off-market real estate opportunities to land the best deals. They conduct a property owner search and compile the data to create a list of all the motivated sellers they find. After finding out who owns a property, they contact property owners, make an offer and close the deal.

But you might still be wondering how to find who is the owner of a property? You can find the right property by knowing what signs and where to look out for. Follow these four key steps to finding a new property owner leads database.

  1. Find the Data – One way to find the data is by working with the targeted county as they are likely to have data that you may find useful. Some other data gathering options include going to your local courthouse, ordering property owners’ lists from online websites, and real estate data service providers.
  2. Create a List – The next step is to make a list of property owner leads based on the data you have compiled. Absentee owners, property owners with delinquent taxes, and long-term property owners are some of the types of owners you can filter when creating a list.
  3. Filter Your Leads – Now you know how to find the motivated sellers and who to include on the list, you can filter your leads further to make sure that your marketing campaigns reach out to the right people.
  4. Marketing Campaigns – After filtering your property owners leads, it’s time to create a marketing strategy to target prospective sellers. Some of the methods that work best to push your campaign include direct mail or email marketing, social ads, etc.

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