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For a long time, ListAbility has existed, and they have not just existed for themselves but for real estate agents searching for absentee homeowner’s lists. An absentee homeowner list is an effective and excellent tool for real estate agents, putting into records homes or properties their owners do not occupy. Certain criteria must be considered when making a homeowner list; most importantly, these properties’ tax status (this includes whether or not the property is tax exempted or if the tax mailing address is the same as the location of the property or different), location and availability.

Why is location important? For one, you would not want a property listing for tourists at a location known for residents. Most lists at listAbility have a focus on the location and intent of the listed property. Whether it is for short rentals, vacation homes, or long rentals, a clear message on the intent of the property is better understood by talking to the property owner.

Before making a list of absentee homeowners, much clarity must be made on who is an absentee homeowner. Have you ever come across individuals who own property, but that property is not their primary residence? An Absentee owner is simply a person who owns a property but does not reside in that property hence the name Absentee Homeowner.

Absentee Homeowners Mailing Lists

How to make an Absentee Homeowners List

  • Check long-term local listings

local listings are a good way to go to get absentee homeowners. In the local listings tab, you can see which absentee homeowner is ready to sell or what they may want to do with their property. Local listing is a good tool; it provides you with up-to-date tax records, contact addresses, information about the property owner, and the price they may wish the property should go for. With this, you can list out the property owner’s contact information and the property’s address in case you want to confirm the property’s availability. A long-term property list can be found on Craigslist.

  • Get Tax status from County Tax Accessor’s Office

luckily this can be done on google by simply typing the county’s name with tax records. Once this is done, you can search out the property and get to know about its availability of the property. The setback is that you may be unable to search out multiple properties simultaneously; it is time-consuming. This can, however, also be done by purchasing these tax records, but this does not come at a cheap fee.

One thing you could do to avoid the stress of making an absentee homeowner list is to buy one from a reliable website such as ListAbility. ListAbility provides a marketing list of people, groups, or corporate institutions who own buildings or homes but are not actively managing them or residing in them. These buildings could range from single-family houses, duplexes, stories, condominiums, to even mobile homes. ListAbility is known for excellence. ListAbility’s standards are high, and they keep hard at maintaining them while consistently delivering great customer service by cleaning their database regularly and constantly updating it to ensure you get firsthand all absentee homeowner information.

Why an absentee homeowners list?

An absentee homeowner list tells a real estate agent where to target his marketing to get the right audience. With this list, you are sure of getting direct contact with the property owner to draw out a better deal for yourself. Here are a couple of reasons you may want to have an absentee owner list;

  1. Direct contact with property owners
  2. Ability to draw out profitable deals
  3. Advice property owners on what may be more profitable for their property and get a good deal on your end for their property

It is good to differentiate your property listing to avoid having the wrong kind of property on the list.

ListAbility provides quality lists

ListAbility has aligned with the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate data compilers. In brief, they have been collecting, analyzing, and compiling data from numerous sources for 40 or more years. Indeed, our clients have benefited from the ability to optimize their marketing budget by targeting their best prospects. Unquestionably, the accuracy is top-notch with monthly updates. Most of our mailing lists include the National Change of Address (NCOA)

Furthermore, we have joined forces with some newer compilers. While they might not have all the granularity and choices as our primary vendors, they can include phone and email contact information in addition to the mailing address for your list.

Absentee Homeowners lists

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