Absentee Owner – Quick List Instructions


Master Real Estate & Mortgage Database – Absentee Owner Criteria 

Log into ListAbilityOnline.com and click on the picture next to the Real Estate and Mortgage file

Hint: you can use the Absentee Owner List as well – it’s the same data, but we streamlined it so there are fewer selections available.

If this is your first time, we suggest that you watch our Training Videos – especially the 5-Minute Overview

Select the geography by selecting the PROPERTY address location

Property Zip codes (enter zips or look up cities or counties), Property County or Property Radius

Click to see the video if you want to select OUT OF AREA OWNERS

Go to Additional Selections, then ALL Selections to find the following:

Hint: The selections are listed in alphabetical order. You can also type in part of the name in the quick filter box.

Click on the selection name words (not just check the box) to bring up the available criteria

HINT: you can see an instant breakout of your count by clicking at the bottom of your screen.



Ask for a report at the bottom to get breakdown by the geography and other criteria you selected and save your work


Go to “Previous Counts” to see your report.

Here is a link to a training video on using more selection criteria for your real estate seller lists

Click o see more Quick List Instructional Cheat Sheets