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The file that your list broker from ListAbility`s team will compile a database that represents the most complete listing of licensed Allied Health and Medical Professionals mailing lists available. These professionals are licensed in areas such as nursing, pharmaceuticals, physical and occupational therapy, social work, and much more.

These medical professionals are an excellent target audience for continuing medical education seminars, medical apparel, medical devices and supplies, medical journals, insurance, and business services, as well as most consumer offers, including vacations, credit cards, catalogs, and more.

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Additional Segments for Allied Health & Medical Professionals

2,831,115 Male
11,252,338 Female
24,813 Acupuncturist
21,275 Athletic Trainer
7,510 Chiropractic Assistant
67,606 Chiropractor
75,301 Clinical Lab Professional
1,789,061 Cosmetologist
226,489 Dental Hygienist
145,119 Dentist
56,885 Dietician
1,307 Electrologist
8,932 Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
191,586 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
198,725 Esthetician
4,492 Hearing Aid Professional/Dispenser
6,407 Home Health Aides
81,511 Marriage & Family Therapist
179,004 Massage Therapist
11,002 Medical Counselor
6,961 Medical Physicist
26,107 Mental Health Counselor
5,781,541 Nurse
12,762 Nurse Midwives
231,952 Nurse Practitioner
2,080,756 Nursing Assistant – Certified (CNA)
7,705 Nursing Home Administrator
124,934 Occupational Therapist
50,002 Occupational Therapy Assistant
1,512 Optical Professional
10,254 Optician
9,076 Optician – Dispensing
30,821 Optometrist
34,933 Osteopathic Physician
57,647 Paramedic
24,114 Pathologist
1,294 Personal Trainer
406,376 Pharmacist
34,512 Pharmacist – Intern
31,395 Pharmacy Professional
354,328 Pharmacy Technician
221,819 Physical Therapist
19,310 Physical & Occupational Therapist
88,039 Physical Therapy Assistant
1,251,811 Physician
101,066 Physician Assistant
10,379 Podiatrist
186,928 Professional Counselor
10,297 Psychiatric Technician
124,438 Psychologist
1,208 Psychology Professional
354,440 Radiologic (X-Ray) Technologist
139,290 Respiratory Therapist
508,047 Social Worker
152,127 Speech Pathologist
64,104 Veterinarian
13,288 Veterinary Technician
201,951 Dental Assistant
33,550 Audiologist

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When you’re ready to build your mailing list, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, clearly state your mailing list’s purpose. Second, make sure your list is relevant to your target audience. Third, ensure you provide valuable content and frequently engage with your list members. Fourth, be creative with your marketing materials and keep them fresh. Finally, ensure you manage your mailing list carefully – if it’s not profitable for you, it may not be worthwhile for your list members.

This database allows you to reach one of the most Complete listings of Allied Health & Medical Professionals on the market.

Allied Health Professionals Mailing List, Allied Health Professionals Mailing List

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