Create Excitement Marketing to Early Tech Adapters, Right List Broker and The Best Mailing List

Working with a list broker is an important part of a marketing campaign. It’s a very sensitive position because some email lists are illegal. You need to make sure you are working with one who’s 100% genuine, or you would end up as a sitting duck for law enforcement agencies.

List Broker—What is it?

The most important thing is to understand who a list broker is and what their job is.

List brokers are professionals who sell or rent lists to companies who want to advertise their products or service. If you want to attract prospects or potential customers and boost company sales, a list broker can come in handy. A list broker can prepare a targeted mailing list to meet your business needs.

At Listability, we offer the best list broker service anywhere in this world. Our lists are not only accurate but can also place your business above the curve. Our many happy customers attest to this fact.

Why Your Business Needs A List Broker

Reaching the right target audience can serve as a launching pad for a successful marketing list campaign. On the other hand, a wrong mailing list can be disastrous to your business. You need to hire a reputable list broker to provide you with the correct list of all the customers in your area or narrow it down to exactly what you are looking for.

In addition, a list broker will turn your business into a creative venture. Take action today; hire a professional list broker to take your business to the next stage.

Characteristics Of A Good List Broker

A list broker must possess certain characteristics to qualify as good. Below is a list of what you should expect from a good list broker;

A good list broker should have an A+ rating. A good list broker should have a thorough knowledge of the target market. Excellent marketing advice is a must-have quality. His list should be affordable, accurate, and up to date. Thousands of good testimonies from customers. Etc.

Questions A Good List Broker Should Be Able To Answer Satisfactorily

Do you update your list often?

A good list broker should answer yes to this question. The database must be cleaned and updated at least every month. For example, at ListAbility (, we clean and update our list every 30 days.

How accurate is your list?

The list must be at least 90% accurate.

Are your services affordable?

A list broker’s service should be affordable and not cheap because cheap is not good. You should be wary of list brokers who promise to deliver great services at a very cheap rate. You may be dealing with fakes that may put your business in crisis in the long run.

 Can you send me a sample?

A list broker should have samples of his past work readily available to send to you on demand. A good track record is very vital in the business world.

List Broker FAQs

[Q] Is there a difference between a list broker and a data compiler?

[A] Yes. The jobs differ in many aspects. While list brokers are professionals who sell or rent lists to companies who want to advertise their product or service, a data compiler computes data to be used in report writing.

[Q] Which is better, to get my list from a list broker or a list compiler?

[A] In our opinion, a list broker makes the best choice when it comes to direct mail marketing campaigns.

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