Birthday Promotions Mailing List

Who Doesn’t Love a Birthday Present?

How do you feel when you walk into the room and immediately get ambushed by a blast of confetti in the face? That’s a great way to start your birthday, right?

But is it really about the confetti and off-key birthday songs, though? Well, a little bit. But a chunk of the happy feeling comes from the very thought that your birthday means something to them, and it is so important that they take care not to forget.

So imagine taking this concept and adopting it into your marketing scheme. If there’s any day of the year that can rival the day of Santa’s big delivery spree, it’s a person’s birthday. So, it’s a no-brainer to engage in birthday promotions, and we’ve got the right ideas for successful marketing.

How to Make the Most of Birthday Promotions

Birthday promotions aren’t the easiest in the world, yet they are among the most widely adopted marketing schemes used to bump up your customer count. And now, we give you the best tips for taking this a step further.

1. Send Personalized Emails

There is a need to place emphasis on the ‘personalized’ aspect of this email idea. When taking advantage of the customers’ birthday to reach out to them, always provide something unique and compelling.

Something to make them bubble with all the right emotions won’t be bad at all.

Because it’s their birthday, you’ll want to avoid anything generic. Instead, go for more enticing incentives. This is where your copywriting skills prove their money’s worth. Ensure to also include strong calls to action. After all, it is still a promotion.

A simple, colorful template with all the right incentives can work wonders you would never think of.

2. Social Media Shout-Out

Ah yes, social media, is the bread, and butter of modern-day communication. A lot of companies see these various media platforms as means of global marketing and audience retargeting. But, what do customers really think of a company’s social media platform?

That’s right, direct communication. Your social media platform should serve as that direct link between your brand and your customers/target audience.

And what better way to showcase and improve this personal relationship than to shout out some birthday wishes every now and then. This gives you the perfect opportunity to establish a one-on-one relationship with your customers, thereby creating a loyal list of customers.

3. Celebrate Your Birthdays Too

Not yours silly, your company’s birthday. But, we won’t mind you celebrating yours either. Okay, back to business.

Birthday promotions don’t circle around the customers alone. For a more personal feel from the customers, they need to get in the act of celebrating your company’s birthday as well.

How effective is this, you may ask. Well, when you invite your customers to join in celebrating your company’s birth, you’re letting them into one of the core aspects of your business. This gives them that sense of belonging as well as the feeling of being a part of a family.

So, offer various promotions and offers too enticing to miss out on. Offer coupons and limited-time offers. Go the extra mile and make your company’s day your customer’s day as well and watch as the customer conversions rise up.

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