Boost Your Real Estate Leads with Skip Tracing

Real estate agents, brokers, and investors have always had to think outside the box. In an incredibly challenging market, and especially during a housing shortage, now more than ever they need to use every tool available to them to get a leg up on the market.

Skip tracing is one of those tools that can be a game-changer for your real estate business.

But what exactly is skip tracing? And how does it function?

Skip tracing sounds a lot different from what it actually does—nothing skips or traces. Rather, skip tracing involves tracking down the contact information that isn’t always readily available online.

This information can include things like:

  • The names of property owners
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • And more

Typically, in the past when people tried to obtain this kind of information, they had one of two options. They could go to various institutions such as government and collection agencies, financial businesses, voter registration, and more. While the information was usually up-to-date and included all the needed information, it was incredibly difficult to come by.

Or they could find contact information through sources that had put together lists of contact info and sold it to third parties. Often, this information was outdated.

But now, there’s a third option.

Skip Tracing and Real Estate

Skip tracing is essential to your real estate business because you need to be able to easily connect with a large amount of people. This will more likely put you into contact with homeowners who want to work with you. But knowing who you’re connecting to is just half the job. You need to know how to connect to them—you need not just a name, but a phone number, email address, or another form of contact.

You also need to be able to contact homeowners quickly. Sure, you can search property by property for homeowners and their contact information. But that’s timely and slow. Your competitors, meanwhile, are using skip tracing to put together huge lists of homeowners that they can connect with much more quickly. They’re making deals while you’re still stuck on one property.

Market with Skip Tracing Like A Pro

Skip tracing is useful for a variety of reasons. It can help you find homeowners and start negotiations much more quickly. But it can also help you to market your real estate business. By combining skip tracing and list stacking, you can find homeowners in your target area while also filtering for things like pre-foreclosures, bankruptcy, divorce, and more. This helps you find motivated sellers while also providing their contact information. You can target your marketing strategy to those motivated sellers much more easily.

Skip Tracing with ListAbility

ListAbility can help real estate agents, investors, and brokers target motivated sellers and provide their contact information easily with our skip tracing services. We are a data management company with services that include both skips tracing and list stacking.

Our data is always up-to-date, and our filter tool allows you to cross-reference any number of sellers, properties, conditions, and more. Create a targeted marketing approach and save valuable time with ListAbility.

Reach out to us today for your real estate needs! Or check out more of our blog topics—we’re here to help.

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