Car Repair Shop Triples Business Using Direct Mail Marketing, Way to Promote Your Social Network Marketing, Why Direct Mail Is Even MORE Effective Today

Larry Riggs of Chief Marketer wrote an article in which he profiled the success that the All-Star Auto Repair has had in utilizing consumer mailing lists and direct mail marketing. Car Repair Shop Triples Business Using Direct Mail Marketing

This follows a current trend where increases in spending on direct mail advertising are starting to trickle down to Main Street. Many small businesses have found that economical postcard mailings have paid dividends in increased business.

Postcard mailing using consumer lists has helped All-Star Auto Repair triple sales to prospects in the surrounding three-mile area.

The January 4, 2011 article by Larry Riggs quotes Bill Buchheit, owner of the Columbia, MO-based car repair shop.

“We wanted to reach those people who are in a three mile radius—that’s where 80% of your customers are anyway,” says Bill

On average, All-Star sends 12,000 postcards per month to local households with incomes of between $40,000 and $60,000 a year who have been identified as owning at least one car.

The postcards offer such things as oil changes and $20-off coupons for service over $100. The prices change depending on the time of year.

“If it’s summer time, I really don’t need as many customers,” he notes, adding that attracting too many customers might mean his staff of mechanics would get overworked. “In winter I’ll drop it down to $19.95 or $17.95, trying to attract more cars.”

In the past, All-Star didn’t really do any marketing. “I didn’t do hardly any advertising,” he says. “I thought that referrals were the way to build a business.”

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