Charity Donor Mailing List

Many individuals make charitable donations in the USA, and this Donor mailing list makes it easy to create connections or reach out to them.

Charity Donor Mailing List—What is it?

It is a marketing list that contains the names and addresses of people who have made charitable donations in the past year.

We can help you get a mailing list of all Charity Donors in a particular vicinity, or we can help you target donors who make specific charitable donations to;

  • Community Causes
  • Environment
  • Liberal Causes
  • Veterans
  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts or Cultural
  • Children’s Causes
  • Conservative Causes
  • International Causes
  • Political Causes

Types Of Businesses That Can Benefit From Purchasing A Charity Donor Mailing List

Below is a list of nonprofits that will benefit from purchasing a Charity Donor Mailing List.

  • Research societies
  • Homeless shelters
  • Blood banks
  • Political campaigns
  • Disaster relief
  • Pediatric hospitals
  • Neighborhood Activists/Groups
  • Fundraising Charitable Events
  • Animal rescues
  • Veteran organizations
  • Churches
  • Public schools
  • Private schools

Is It Possible To Know If Someone Is A Charitable Donor/Has Made Charitable Donations?

Yes, it is possible to know. When people donate to charity organizations, their names and addresses enter our database.

Secondly, we also compile our list through online and offline questionnaires.

What Is The Accuracy Level Of Our Charity Donor Mailing Lists?

We are 95+% accurate.

Is It Possible To Get A List Of People Who Have Donated To Specific Charities?

Our list does not include the name of specific charity organizations donors donate to. You should contact the charity directly to clarify if they could sell their donors’ contact information or not.

However, we can help you target individuals or groups who have made charitable donations to specific types of charity, i.e., Community causes, liberal causes, animal welfare, etc.

Note.  At ListAbility, the more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost.

How Do I Get A Charity Donor Mailing List?

Complete the form on our Charitable Donor List page on our website.You could also talk to our List Specialist over the phone. 866-446-2055 or email [email protected]

Charity Donor Mailing List FAQs

[Q] Is it possible to choose people who donate to specific charities?

[A]Yes, it’s possible. We could help you with that.

[Q] Is it possible to choose the ‘net worth’ of the charity donors?

[A]Yes, it’s possible; however, you need a marketing review. Note: this is a sensitive matter.

[Q] Is it possible to add other demographic selects to a charity donor mailing list?

[A]Yes, it’s possible. Just select any demographic selects, as many as possible. The choice is yours.

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