There are over 700 thousand construction companies in the USA. Construction Company Mailing Lists can help you create connections with these companies, especially if you run a business that sells products or services to the construction industry.

Construction Company Mailing Lists—What is it?

It is a marketing mailing list that connects you with people or businesses in the construction sector.

Why You Need To Consider A Construction Company Mailing List

As of 2020, the worth of global construction was estimated to be a whopping $10.3 trillion. These companies won’t stop. They are looking for more ways to maximize profit and, at the same time, cut costs. And, if you are one of those businesses that provide products and services to these construction companies, you need to play smart. You need a Construction Company Mailing List that is up-to-date and accurate.

Why Choose Us?

We can link you up with some of the top construction companies in the industry using the highest quality direct mail and email lists available. This will help promote your business and boost your sales.

What Is The Information Included In The Construction Company Mailing Lists?

You can narrow down your search of types of construction companies using one or a combination of the following criteria;

  • Construction Company Name
  • Location
  • Contact Title
  • URL
  • Employee Size
  • Annual Sales Volume
  • Chain / Not Chain
  • Franchise / Not Franchise

And lots more.

Types Of Businesses That Benefit From Getting A List Of Construction Companies

What type of construction and contracting businesses do you want to contact to sell your goods and services to? Our business database uses SIC codes to select the business type. Here’s a simplified list of the SICs for construction. Please note that more detailed options are available.

15-Building Construction – General Contractors & Operative Builders

  •      1521-Single-family Housing Construction
  •      1522-Residential Construction, Misc.
  •      1531-Operative Builders
  •      1541-Industrial Buildings and Warehouses
  •      1542-Nonresidential Construction, Misc.

16-Heavy Construction, Except Building Construction – Contractors

  •      1611-Highway and Street Construction
  •      1622-Bridge, Tunnel, and Elevated Highway
  •      1623-Water, Sewer, and Utility Lines
  •      1629-Heavy Construction, Misc.

17-Construction – Special Trade Contractors

  •      1711-Plumbing, Heating, Air-conditioning
  •      1721-Painting and Paper Hanging
  •      1731-Electrical Work
  •      1741-Masonry and Other Stonework
  •      1742-Plastering, Drywall, and Insulation
  •      1743-Terrazzo, Tile, Marble, Mosaic Work
  •      1751-Carpentry Work
  •      1752-Floor Laying and Floor Work, Misc.
  •      1761-Roofing, Siding, and Sheetmetal Work
  •      1771-Concrete Work
  •      1781-Water Well Drilling
  •      1791-Structural Steel Erection
  •      1793-Glass and Glazing Work
  •      1794-Excavation Work
  •      1795-Wrecking and Demolition Work
  •      1796-Installing Building Equipment
  •      1799-Special Trade Contractors, Misc.

Note. The more leads you buy, the cheaper the cost.

How do I get a Construction Company Mailing List?

Link to the Construction Company Mailing List page on the ListAbility website. You could also talk to our List Specialist over the phone on (866)-446-2055. We also offer the option for you to run your own reports on

Construction Company Mailing Lists FAQs

[Q] How does SIC work for finding businesses?

[A] First of all, SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification created by the US Government to group businesses by the kind of things they do. SIC can be searched for by code or by the description of the activity.

[Q] Does larger SIC numbers indicate more records than smaller SIC numbers?

[A] No, because larger SIC numbers mean a narrower search within the industrial group.

[Q] How do I reach specific decision-makers at all the construction companies in my state?

[A] Contact us, and our researchers will be glad to help you find what you need.

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