Consumer / Business Email List

Consumer & Business Email Address Lists Consumer Email Lists: Personal email addresses (ex. List includes: Full Name + Physical Mailing Address + Email Address Business Email Lists: Business Contact’s email addresses (ex. List includes: Business Name + Contact Name & Title + Physical Mailing Address + Business Phone Number + Contact’s Email Address

Common Questions

  • How accurate are the Email Addresses?
    The Consumer Emails are 90+% accurate, and the Business Emails are 80+% accurate.
  • What format is the list in?
    The list comes as a .csv file. You can use the list in a variety of programs, including Excel.
  • What is included in my list? What information do I get?
    Please visit our FAQ Page to see what is included on your list.
  • Can I see my list before I buy it?
    Yes! After you build a list online, click ‘Preview List’ to see a sample of your list and the columns/headings that are included.
  • When do I get my list? How long does it take?
    After you place your order online, we clean your list one final time. This final cleansing & verification process takes about 2-4 hrs during normal business hours. This process ensures that you only receive the most valid, up-to-date email addresses. After your list goes through this final cleansing and verification process, we will email you your cleaned-up list as an excel/.csv file. If we remove any email addresses, we will refund you back for the difference. On average, we remove 15-40% of the emails on your list.