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There’s good money to be made in real estate this is because the US is home to many decision-makers in this profitable field of business worldwide. Sadly, many investors want to invest in the real estate business but have very little capital to do so. The truth is, you must not have six figures in your bank account before you can invest in real estate. With various crowdfunding platforms online, you could contribute your quota and have a big share of the cake.

What do you mean by Crowdfunded Real Estate?

It’s an overall process that involves finding people or investors who are interested in contributing their money to buy a property. To put it succinctly, in crowdfunding, a small amount of money is pooled from investors known as lenders to purchase a property or real estate asset. In return, they get their stake in the project at the end.

Crowdfunded Real Estate Mailing List—What is it?

It’s simply a marketing list that contains the contact information of investors who are willing to stake their income in financing a real estate project.

How to use the Crowdfunded Real Estate list

Using the list is so easy that with only little computer knowledge, you can find your way around. In your mailing list, you will find the contact details of potential investors. All you have to do is to start reaching out to them via phone calls or emails and establish connections in no time.

Format of the mailing list

The first thing you need to access your mailing list is a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Sheets, or PDF Readers because it comes in two formats; CSV and PDF.

How accurate is the Crowdfunded Real Estate List?

We have an ever-growing list of satisfied clients who have used our list. Why? That’s because we have multiple sources where our data is sourced, cross-verified, and updated regularly before we deliver it to you. We are all out for accuracy and consistency; this explains why our services are top-notch.

Is it possible to add more criteria to my Mailing list?

Yes, it is possible. As a borrower, you may be interested in only a class of lenders. It’s our job to create a list to meet your needs. We can make your list more targeted by adding the following criteria;

  • Age of the Seller or Buyer
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Property Value
  • Number of children
  • Net worth
  • States
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Zip Codes, Etc.

Types of businesses that can benefit from marketing to Crowdfunded Real Estate prospects

The following are lists of people or businesses that could benefit from marketing to Crowdfunded Real Estate prospects;

  • Real estate investors/borrowers
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Real estate agencies
  • Collection agencies
  • Companies dealing with repossession
  • Marketing agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Debt collection industries and more
  • Best Business Brokers

Cost of Crowdfunded Real Estate list

Our list is affordable but not cheap. We are more interested in giving you the best than your money. Secondly, after a one-time purchase, you have the liberty to access your list at zero cost.

Why you should patronize Listability

  • Fast delivery
  • Our database is cleaned and updated weekly
  • Ironclad money-back guarantee
  • Our list is easy to use and readily accessible.

Crowdfunded Real Estate Mailing List FAQS

[Q] Where do you get your data from?

[A] Our data is sourced from multiple sources such as online surveys, questionnaires, large data companies, etc. Rest assured, you are dealing with one of the best service providers out there.

[Q] Is it possible to create a targeted list for specific people in the industry?

[A] Yes, it is possible. We can make your list more targeted by adding the following criteria; the age of the investor, gender, marital status, property value, etc.

[Q] How do I reach specific decision-makers in the real estate market?

[A] This requires a special mailing list. Contact us, and our researchers will be glad to help you find what you need.

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