dental office mailing list

As a dentist or dental company, your number one priority is to deliver the best oral care and treatment to any patient in need.

And if your patients end up satisfied and impressed with your work, you can be sure of their continuous patronage, a terrific review, and ultimately, a boost in your reputation.

Another benefit to add to the list is the indirect marketing of your brand through these satisfied customers. Of course, customers actually end up aiding the spread of your wondrous deeds without you even knowing.

While this is great for business, especially in the area of customer engagement and brand awareness, you can go a little further in your brand marketing. Ever tried creating a dentist email list?

What Is A Dentist Email List?

We promise you it’s not a made-up concept. It is the result of taking the email list method of digital marketing and adding it to ad strategies for people looking for the services of a dentist.

In essence, dentist email list is a simple list or email list if you would like. It’s a list of names and addresses of target audience relevant to your digital marketing. These people on the list are important parties that receive relevant information about your brand services and products.

Why You Need To Build a Dentist Email List

At this point, it’s pretty clear why an email list for your target audience is necessary. Regardless, here are the best highlights of a dentist email list:

  • Direct communication with audience
  • It requires low cost to maintain
  • Reaches a wider audience than social media
  • Faster way to spread words of your good deeds

We can imagine you are already swayed by the huge benefits of creating a dentist email list. The next step now is to get started on building dental practice mailing list. And with that, we have brought the best answers to some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this.

FAQs on Building an Email List

What’s included in this mailing list?

Once you’ve made your selections, you can download a CSV file, which opens in Excel or Google Sheets. At your request, you can also convert the CSV file into a mailing label format in PDF. It includes the following fields:

  • Contact Name
  • Contact Title
  • Business Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Other fields (if selected, see below)

How can I narrow down my mailing list?

First, you’ll choose the types of businesses you’d like to include using standard industry codes (SIC). You can search by code or description.

For example, if you’re targeting a specific type of dentist, or want to tailor your direct mail offer, you can identify dentists by the following specialties:

  • 80210100-Specialized dental practitioners
  • 80210101-Dental surgeon
  • 80210102-Endodontist
  • 80210103-Maxillofacial specialist
  • 80210104-Oral pathologist
  • 80210105-Orthodontist
  • 80210106-Pedodontist
  • 80210107-Periodontist
  • 80210108-Prosthodontist

Second, you’ll choose from the options below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our self-service list building tool, contact a List Specialist. We draw from multiple sources and can help you create a list that’s tailored to your needs.

  • Number of Employees
  • Annual Sales
  • Years in Business
  • Public Company (Y/N)
  • Website (Has one or not)
  • Franchise (Y/N)
  • Chain (Y/N)
  • Women-Owned (Y/N)

Can I target a specific area?

Yes. You can create a list with addresses in all the United States, by zip code, city, county, or state. You can also target a radius around an address.

Who could use a dentist mailing list?

The following types of businesses may find a dentist or dental office mailing list useful in building and cultivating leads:

  • Accounting Services
  • Collection Agencies
  • Dental Supplies
  • Dental Labs
  • Digital Marketing
  • Professional Associations

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