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41 percent of respondents saying they look for an American-built car first, that’s mean Direct Marketing helping to Shape Auto Buying Decisions

A Rasmussen Reports poll fielded this month finds 41 percent of respondents saying they look for an American-built car first when they’re in the market for a vehicle. (reported in ADWEEK, Nov 19,2010)

That nearly equals the 44 percent who said they look for “the best possible deal regardless of where it was manufactured.” Just 12 percent said they look first for a foreign-built car.

The buy-American constituency has risen significantly since a similar Rasmussen poll in June 2008, when it stood at 32 percent. And the best-possible-deal vote has declined from its June figure of 51 percent.

The notion of American-built is not as cut and dry as it used to be. This is where savvy direct marketing comes in. US automotive factories building foreign-based brands have proliferated over the past decade. While 41 percent of respondents felt that buying these brands is the same as buying American, direct marketing campaigns can be targeted to emphasize the contribution to the economy and US jobs generated by these brands.

Many dealership groups are launching direct mail marketing campaigns utilizing a variety of strategies. Some of the more successful is targeted to owners of specific vehicle makes or models; others will focus on household demographics to personalize campaigns.

Regardless of the strategy: direct mail continues to be a powerful marketing channel for the automotive industry.

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