Franchisee List can bring in good prospects

Use a franchise owner list to grow your business

Franchisee business owners are great prospects for businesses selling B2B products. Many services might be provided by the franchisor company. However, these business entrepreneurs have a lot of options for doing their own deals. You grow your sales base with a list of franchise owners.

Franchisee business owners are often more successful with a better chance of thriving than other business owners. This is because the franchisor has found a successful business model that can be replicated. While most of the business processes are decided by corporate, the individual owners have a lot of latitude in many areas of running their business.

Segment your list of franchise business to suit your business model.

It’s your choice – do you want small businesses in your local area? Or do you want multi-location businesses in a multi-state region? Perhaps you need something in between. You can complete a form to get a customized list report which will show how many are available and the cost.

  • Type of business – Business type can be selected using SIC codes or NAICS from D&B. Some more common options might by quick serve restaurants or automotive services.
  • Single location and Multiple – If a franchisee owns more than one location, you should obtain the contact information for the headquarters location. If desired, you can add branch locations to your list.
  • Employee size – the number of employees can be specified. Therefore you can eliminate the businesses that are either too small or too big for your services. Employees can be specified for the entire company or just the specific location
  • Sales Volume – the sales volume is available for the total company
  • Woman or Minority Owned Business – You can specify the ethnicity (Asian, African American, Hispanic, Indian, Native American or other)
  • Age of company – based on the year the business was started.

You can complete a form to get a customized franchise owner list report which will show how many are available and the cost.

Get a list of franchisees based on the Company Name

Are you looking for a list of all the Pizza Hut locations? How about all the Midas franchisees? Some others include: McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Subway, State Farm, GMAC Insurance, The UPS Store, U Haul, Century 21, Liberty Tax Service, Dairy Queen, Ford, H&R Block, 7-11, Ace Hardware, CITCO, Comfort Inn, Best Western, Chevrolet and so many more.

A wide range of businesses can benefit from a list of franchisees

Franchisees look to outsource a lot of services rather than hire people in-house for specialized jobs.

Marketing services – Advertising agencies and marketing companies can help these franchise owners to promote their business. Certainly acquiring new customers and growing existing clients is important whether the business is B2B or B2C

  • Accounting and Tax Preparation – what business doesn’t need help? You can get a list of franchise owners that fit the client size that you specialize in.
  • Other types of franchisors – Franchisees have an entrepreneurial spirit and are often open to additional business opportunities. A Franchise Owner List can be a very good recruitment tool.
  • Office Products – Franchisees require local vendors
  • Software and Networking Companies – The corporate franchisor may provide some IT. However, most franchisees will need local technical support since their office personnel tend to be small without dedicated IT.
  • Human Resources – On-boarding, payroll and taxes are most often outsourced
  • Additional industries that can take advantage of a list of entrepreneurial Franchisees include; Banking, Insurance, Travel and Investment

Do you want just franchised businesses or are you also looking for small chains?

Often, people looking for a list business with multiple locations think that there only option is for franchises. ListAbility provides mailing and telemarketing lists for the HQ location of small chain businesses. This can be based on the number of locations. For example, you might want restaurant owners with 2-10 locations. Learn more about a list of Business Headquarters.

ListAbility provides a wide range of mailing lists to a large variety of businesses and industries. In addition to the B2B lists, we have the premier lists for consumer contact data.

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