Household Income Mailing List will help you connect with people who may need your services or products and can afford them. 

You can get a high, medium, or low-income mailing list for households that fall under each financial category.

Household Income Mailing List—What is it? 

It is a marketing list that contains the names and addresses of people of a particular household. The households are grouped based on their estimated income. For example, you could have a specific household income ranging from $50,000-$100,000/year. 

Below is the range available for estimated household incomes; 

  • $0-$10,000
  • $10,000-$14,999
  • $15,000-$19,999
  • $20,000-$24,999
  • $25,000-$29,999
  • $30,000-$34,999
  • $35,000-$39,999
  • $40,000-$44,999
  • $45,000-$49,999
  • $50,000-$54,999
  • $55,000-$59,999
  • $60,000-$64,999
  • $65,000-$74,999
  • $75,000-$99,999
  • $100,000-$149,999
  • $150,000-$174,999
  • $175,000-$199,999
  • $200,000-$249,999
  • $250,000 +

Is it possible for my mailing list to be more targeted?

Yes, it is possible by adding other criteria such as 

  • States
  • Counties
  • Cities
  • Zip Codes
  • Net Worth
  • Gender
  • Presence of Children
  • Marital Status
  • Home Value
  • Homeowner 
  • Renter
  • Length of Residence
  • Building Structure 
  • Interests & Hobbies
  • Radius around an address

And lots more.

Types of Businesses that can benefit from targeting Households by Income

Below is a list of businesses that could benefit from targeting high-income households. 

  • Restaurants
  • Dental office 
  • Retail stores
  • Real estate agents
  • Car dealers
  • Healthcare services
  • Estate planning
  • Interior designers
  • Charities
  • Travel companies
  • Yoga classes

And lots more.

The format of the mailing list

The mailing list comes in 2 easy to use formats: Excel/CSV file and PDF.

Once you download it to your computer, the list will be up and running immediately. 

How do I get a Household Income Mailing List?

It’s available on our website. You can also talk to our List Specialist over the phone. It takes less than 5 minutes to get your Mailing List up and running.

Household Income Mailing List FAQs

[Q] Are there other means available to assess the household’s wealth? 

[A] Yes. Other means such as Home value, credit rating, etc., exist and could be used for assessment. 

[Q] Is it possible to target only people with an estimated household income of over $100,000? 

[A] Yes, it is possible. You can select by zip codes, counties, or cities. You can also draw a radius around a physical address. After doing that, you can proceed to the demography page and filter by the income you prefer. 

[Q] Is it possible to get a mailing list that contains only single families household income?

[A]Yes, it is possible. You have to select single-family homes and income on the demography page, that is, after you have selected your targeted area. 

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