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When you want to contact a very specific target, like Absentee Homeowners, direct mail marketing is very effective.

Until recently, it has been difficult to obtain a mailing list based on characteristics of the property that people own, when they don’t live there! This has changed, and now it is easier than ever to mail to a list of absentee owners.

Real estate information is a matter of public record. In most areas, you can go down to local government offices to pour through the books to find what you’re looking for.

  • Registry of Deeds
  • Tax assessor offices
  • Mortgage transaction / Lienholders information

This research can be labor-intensive, to say the least; making it tough to turn the corner for return on investment for marketing campaigns. This has made it a challenge to market to these absentee real estate investor owners.

Fortunately, there are direct mail list companies working with local government officials to obtain the records in electronic format. Information can be cross-referenced over multiple sources to improve accuracy and gain perspective about the properties and owners.

Do the owners live there, or are the tax bills sent elsewhere – making them absentee owners?

How many properties does an owner have?

How large are the lots and buildings?

What sort of residence are they? Single-family, condominium, multi-family or apartment?

Are they owned by an individual, trust or a business?

What is the assessed value? The purchase date and price?

The better companies can combine this data with additional demographics on the owners such as age, income, home market value, loan to value or ethnicity. All this information can help you target just the right audience for your product.

Many types of businesses can benefit from a targeted mailing list of absentee homeowners so they can contact property owners at their own home addresses. Charities, landscaping, property management, interior design, paint, and other service companies are some that might be looking for leads for absentee owners.

Another large segment that utilizes the absentee owner data is the real estate investors looking for people who might want to sell their property.

ListAbility’s Master Absentee Owners Mailing List has been compiled through these automated methods to provide a robust set of criteria from which to select your targeted marketing lists.

It can be a simple step-by-step process to build your mailing list of investor owners of real estate.

  1. Choose your geography. Where should the property be, and where should the owners live?
  2. Have a conversation with your mailing list broker to determine what other criteria to specify in order to mail to the best prospects.
  3. Review the count report and price quotation sent over to you from your list broker to decide if you need to do any tweaking.
  4. Decide how many times you want to mail to the list and if you want data delivered via email in an excel format or printed on mailing labels.
  5. Confirm the final criteria, quantity, and pricing to license your file.

The ListAbility Absentee Homeowners List tracks over 12 million properties with absentee owners. The list can be selected by property location and/or by owners’ mailing address. Additional criteria can be specified:

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