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The health care industry is utilizing direct mail marketing to promote services within their geographic regions.

Delivery Magazine reports that an Ohio health care organization with 6 hospitals has reaped the benefits of an on-going direct mail campaign. They utilized a New Movers mailing list to send out about 2,000 pieces a month to new residents in their service area. Their marketing program offered a first aid kit to people who filled out a response form to learn more about the services offered.

Just six months into the program, the hospital marketing and communications group was able to track more than $1 million in gross revenue to this direct mail marketing campaign that cost less than $100K.
Hospitals also use direct mail to target specific services such as Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) screening. One hospital marketing group reports using mailing lists of men and women over age 50 to successfully fill screening events, successfully bringing revenue to the hospital. Many participants were new patients whose lives may have been saved by the screening.

New Mover Direct Mail Lists can enable businesses in many industries to introduce themselves to people who are not yet familiar to the area. Mailing campaigns can influence these consumers who have likely not found providers for the goods and services that they need in their new communities.

ListAbility, a full service mailing list broker, can provide New Mover mailing lists along with a host of other targeted marketing lists for specific programs in a wide range of industries.

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