Being in the world of real estate investing requires skill and business acumen. But above all, it requires a solid base of contacts. Find Property to Buy, suitable to purchase and invest in can be difficult, especially in areas you might not be familiar with. This is where mailing lists come in.

Gone are the days of blanketly sending out direct mail marketing content to every single home in a particular area. Instead, with a quality mailing list, you can choose which homes are the best to target using a number of different filters and metrics. This will stop you from wasting precious time and resources, and allow you to get in direct contact with only the most relevant homeowners.

Over 70% of Americans prefer being contacted via direct mail, so they can read it whenever they want. This means mailing lists are great for the recipient, but they’re also great for business. Read on to find out exactly how.

Find Your Ideal Audience

If you’re looking to buy property, the owner of said property must first be willing to sell. This seems like an obvious statement, and yet so much direct mail marketing efforts are still wasted on homes with owners who have absolutely no intention of selling.

In order to maximize your resources and your time, you need to be able to target only high-quality owner leads. But how can you determine which homeowners are interested in selling and which aren’t?

ListAbility mailing lists can help you do just that.

Target Specific segments

ListAbility mailing lists provide realtors and real estate investors with curated lists of high-quality leads. But that’s not all. You also have the option of customizing your mailing list by different filters, in order to only target the specific leads you want and need.

Filter either by property or owner information for even more specificity.

Possible ways to filter by property include:

  • Property type
  • Property location
  • Purchase date
  • Home market value
  • Amount of equity

It’s also possible to segment by homeowner traits. For example, being able to seek out absentee property owners can be helpful, as these types of owners are often more likely to sell than those who occupy their homes.

Likewise, you may be interested in targeting owners that have had their properties a long time, homes with only one person living in them, or older owners, all of which might have their own motivations for selling.

No matter what type of property you’re looking to buy, segmenting the households by the people who occupy them can certainly help to garner responses to your direct mail campaigns.

Make Investments Happen With Mailing Lists

Above all, mailing lists offer a chance to get ahead of the competition, utilize your resources more effectively, and increase your chance of actually being able to purchase a property.

ListAbility offers premium lists with segmentation capabilities, essential for real estate investors looking to make a splash in the real estate development world—fast. If you’d like to learn more about purchasing a real estate mailing list please get in touch today.

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