Consumer Email Lists, if accurate, can do wonders for your business. It can increase reach, skyrocket sales, and convert prospects into diehard customers. However, finding a company that can deliver on these promises is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Things to look out for when purchasing a Consumer Email List:

  1. Take out time to read reviews. Reviews reveal a lot about the product or service you are about to purchase. Dissatisfied and happy customers alike will air their views on their experience of using a product or service. Before you pay for a list, ensure you read the reviews!
  1. Make sure the Consumer Email List is accurate. Before purchasing a list, ensure that the email addresses on the list are updated constantly. Apply the one-month rule. If a list is not updated at least monthly, that’s a red flag already.
  1. Ensure the company delivers a sample email list. Never pay any company that has no sample available to show you before purchase. A sample will allow you to test the quality of the list.
  1. You should be allowed to send emails to 3rd Party Purchased Lists. You cannot send emails to 3rd Party Purchased Lists on some email service. If you attempt that repeatedly, you may end up on their block list.
  1. Online purchase is the best option available. Finding a company that allows you to build your mailing list online should be a top priority. This will allow you to run most of the searches yourself.
  1. You should be allowed to use the list more than once. Some email marketing services allow you to send emails just once. This may not be a good business strategy for a new or young business.
  1. Buy from a reputable company. This cannot be overemphasized. Buying from a company with a poor reputation or poor customer reviews is a red flag already. Ensure you research the company you intend to patronize. Listability is the choice of many business owners.

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