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Want to target your direct mail campaigns to the absentee owner?. Absentee Owner Leads contain people who buy the property that they don’t live in. This means they can live anywhere in the country and have different primary mailing addresses. The absentee property could be vacant, a second home or even a rental.

Why Absentee Owners Good Seller Leads for Your Campaign?

Many investors find it difficult to manage the property, especially when they live out of the area. For instance, they are not prepared to manage home repairs, installations, find tenants, respond to them and follow-up for rent. As a result, bills and maintenance pile up and they can become quite motivated to sell.

This is when they can get the motivation to sell with a letter or postcard. So, absentee property owner leads can be used by realtors, rental property investors, house flippers, and real estate wholesalers to identify and associate with motivated sellers, cash buyers, distressed property owners, private lenders, and note investors.

Key Factors to Customize Absentee Owner Leads

Customization of absentee homeowner leads depends on numerous factors as follows:

  • Property Location – Companies provide absentee property owner leads give a breakout by zip code to help you select your geographical area. Mention zip codes, cities or countries.
  • Property Type – You can filter the lead by choosing from a single-family, condos, and multifamily.
  • Home Market Value – Whether you want high/low end with potentially expensive homes or planning to limit the range, home market value utilizes the assessed value and brings other valuation model calculations.
  • Amount of Equity – Loan to Value uses and compares the full amount of their most recent total mortgages to the latest home market value.
  • Buying Date – Last sale or transfer date help decide if you want to mention how long they have owned the property.

Specify these factors and order absentee owner leads from the top list providers like ListAbility.

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