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Surges in direct mail volume can be taken as a sign that the economy is on the upswing.

Bruce Britt wrote an article recently in the USPS publication, Delivery Magazine. He noted that recent increases of direct mail marketing in industries such as credit cards and insurance are a sure sign that they are climbing out of the economic doldrums.

These key industries are demonstrating confidence by increased spending on marketing budgets. A look in your mailbox will verify that direct mail marketing is getting its fair share of dollars.

Britt quotes John Ingersoll, VP of marketing communications from Farmers Insurance as saying “I think direct mail is commonly used by us and our competitors as a great opportunity to generate leads. Mail is a channel that allows all of us to find the consumer with a very targeted, very specific message that you can’t do in the broadcast. Broadcast, by definition, is broad – you’re trying to talk to everybody”.

Examples of this targeting for the insurance industry include segmenting a prospect mailing list by business type and sending a brochure or postcard with pictures that cater to that industry. Restaurant owners receive images and copy that cater to restaurants’ specific insurance requirements.

Britt’s article went on to say that if direct mail is an indicator for the economy, that the financial industries are turning the corner. Banks and mortgage companies were rocked by the recession; however, research shows that significant increases in mail marketing can be expected in addition to the recent surge inactivity. The ability to obtain consumer mailing lists to target prime and super-prime households has boosted credit card promotions.

Mailing List Brokers have the tools today to help businesses find the best new prospects as the economy recovers.

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