Better Way to get More Facebook Fans, Market Directly to Adult Children Of Your Assisted Living Prospects

There must be an alternative to Facebook ads The Better Way to get More Facebook Fans

Facebook reports rising ad revenues. Good news? Well, it is for Facebook.

BRANDWEEK’s Mike Shields reported that “the performance of the average Facebook ad is abysmal”. Referring to a new report issued by the analytics firm Webtrends, he reported that the average click-through rate slipped from .063% in 2009 to .051% in 2010. This decline resulted in raising the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) to 25 cents.

Adding insult to injury, the ads need to be continually replenished by the advertiser. “Out of the ads we measured, we found that interest-targeted ads began to burn out after three to five days,” reads the report. “Eventually the rotting CTR leads to Facebook deactivating the ad, and it’s back to the drawing board.”

The Wall Street Journal also reported from the Webtrends whitepaper, stating that the “cost of advertising on Facebook that encourages a user to become a “fan” on the brand’s Facebook page is $1.07”.

Companies that invested in social media to promote their brand want to acquire lots of fans. It gives them permission to market directly to the Fan with both homepage news feeds and through more ads that specifically target fans.

Are there other, better ways to contact and encourage your potential fans? The answer is yes. One of the most effective means comes from a surprising medium.

Direct Mail Marketing

The price of sending mail is surprisingly affordable – especially when you consider the shelf-life of a post card vs. an ad impression. Send a postcard with a special offer if they become a fan.

To keep your budget in line, you don’t need to contact the entire universe. You can target households using the demographics and lifestyles that are most likely to respond to your brand. Best of all, since the greatest fan is the one who can share your message with lots of friends, you can specify the number of social media friends with your criteria when obtaining a mail list.

ListAbility’s Social Networking Mailing List

lets you do just that. Mail to just your best prospects that can help you generate the most buzz around your social networking campaigns.

Who would that be? Maybe your company wants social networkers with cats or dogs, swimming pools, sports cars or expensive homes? Maybe it is people interested in organic foods, theater or working out?

How about parents, donors to charity or people focused on cholesterol. Select your marketing list by age, income, gender and more!

ListAbility is a mailing list broker with the expertise and the data to guide you through the process of obtaining a highly targeted mailing, telemarketing, or email list. A better marketing list will pay dividends with the savings you garner in printing and postage – to say nothing of getting noticed by the right people! Yes, that Better Way to Get More Facebook Fans should work.

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