Reaching The People Most Likely to Respond to Your Offer Has Never Been Easier!

ListAbility’s list count and order platform is a point-and-click, user-friendly web site that allows you to run list counts, make selections, then place orders - all in one simple process. This system provides 24/7 access to real-time counts and orders using the leading national consumer and business databases. Most files are delivered within a few minutes!

Should you be using ListAbility?

The answer is YES! for Mailing List Brokers, Advertising Agencies, Marketing Consultants, Printers, Mail Houses and anyone who gets data for their clients’ direct marketing campaigns.

The answer is YES! if you purchase several lists a year.

How will ListAbility help YOU?

Save time, money and gain control!

  • Select Your List Work on your schedule.
  • View and access all the selection criteria available.
  • Generate presentation-quality reports to help make decisions before you buy.
  • Place your orders and download your data quickly.
  • Work on your schedule.

ListAbility helps you level the playing field - you don’t have to be a giant marketer to access the same great tools that they use.

Why ListAbility?

It is the state-of-the-art platform that has been used more than any other in the industry.

  • Wholesale pricing on direct mail lists that is hard to beat.
  • Top quality data from the leading compilers.
  • Flexibility – use the simplest features or take advantage of the more complex options.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Quick delivery. ListAbility provides extraordinary convenience through dramatically decreased delivery time for list counts and orders.


  • Flexible selection for geography
  • Radius by distance or multi-location radius by closest location
  • Selections can be chosen from an entire list, by category, or from a favorites tab that you have set up for your requirements
  • Calculate and view pricing immediately


  • Presentation quality reports that you can customize
  • The Excel report option lets you modify further
  • Breakout by geography along with selections
  • Multi-dimensional reports (example – breakout type of business by number of employees, or household income by presence of children


  • Easily name your counts for future use
  • Categorize client or project, then view only those
  • Copy past counts – up to a year old


  • Place order immediately from your count or wait until a later time
  • Combine multiple counts within a single order – key coding is free
  • Flexible options to choose how many records you want
  • Electronic download and Mailing Labels available
  • All output is “anonymous” – we don’t put our name on the files, labels or count reports: you can forward on to your clients without them knowing your source


  • Suppress previous mailing list orders – up to a year old
  • Merge counts and purge the duplicates
  • Multiple options to reduce the quantity when ordering

Free Training and Support

Unsure how to get started? Wondering if you can do what you want for your count? No Problem! ListAbility has an experienced staff to guide you along the way. From quick answers on the phone to one-on-one instruction or our free Webinars, we are happy to help.

I have found that not only is the system easy to use, but whenever I do have questions, they are always quickly answered. Its clear ListAbility has a thorough understanding of their technology and knows how to use it to pull the best data to maximize the success of my campaigns.

- Debbie
Account Executive, Direct Marketing Agency


Traditional offline marketing, including direct mail, was a $93.6 billion industry in 2012, according to a study by professors John Deighton of Harvard University and Peter Johnson of Columbia University.