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New Movers Mailing List


New Movers Mailing ListThis national mailing list of People moving to a new home need a wide range of services and products.  This New Movers mailing list is updated weekly with records available for the previous 6 months.

Welcome new residents to your community before your competitors know they are there. New movers require new sources for goods and services; everything from new hair dressers and dentists, to dry cleaners, hardware and grocery stores.

Select whether or not the household moved locally or from out of the area: same zip code, same SCF (first 3 digits of zip) or out of the area. The previous address and distance of move is available for about 20% of the file. This new movers list is a rolling 6 month file. The update is available each Monday.  New records are added, and the ones that have been on the file for over 6 months are removed.

This marketing list is multi-sourced, including directories, government filings, office financing and other public and proprietary sources.

Selectable by zip, state, county, MSA, area code or radius.



4,035,300 Total Individual New Movers $65.00
3,820,200 New Addresses $65.00


  • Direct Mail List Price per 1000 records is for single use of data.
  • Call for additional usage.
  • Order Minimum: $200 plus Output Format Charges (3,636 records)

Additional Selections (Cost is Per 1000 records)

Census Median Income $2.50
Dwelling Type (Single/Multi-Family/Condo, etc.) $5.00
Gender $5.00
Phone Received Date N/C
Previous Address Flag N/C
Publication Date N/C
Telephone Number $10.00
Omit Known Homeowners Transaction Code N/C
Distance of Move $5.00


Internet Delivery of file $35.00 Delivered in CSV/Excel or dBase
Mailing Labels $10/1000 $50 Minimum, plus shipping
CD ROM $75.00 Plus shipping


Contact Information

ListAbility, Inc.


List Brokers and other resellers are eligible for mailing list discounts. Call to inquire.