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Absentee Homeowners for Real Estate Investors


Lists for targeted real estate mail campaigns

Looking for potentially motivated sellers? Many real estate investors have been reaping success and buying homes from sellers they found from mail campaigns using lists from ListAbility.

Our database has many criteria that can be mixed and matched to pull a custom list for you. These include absentee and owner occupied, property location, owner age (seniors), equity (Loan to Value), home market value, length of ownership, home size and much more.


What is an Absentee Owner?

The Absentee Owner is the person who owns property that they don’t live in. They have a separate primary address where their tax bill is sent.


How do we collect the information?

Information is compiled from local reporting jurisdictions all across the country. Usually, these are the county Register of Deeds and Assessor’s Office. While we have information from the vast majority of the US, there are some areas that don’t report complete information.


Pricing for Absentee Owner List

  • We sell licenses to use our data for multiple mailings which allows you to send unlimited follow-up mailings for 1 year.
  • We will discount if you plan to mail to each person only one single time. The file will contain a couple “seed” names which are delivered to us so we can track how many times the list is mailed.

Minimum Order is $200
Pricing =  Data cost (below)

Data cost is stated as cost per 1000 names. You need to add up the Base Rate and the cost for each of the selection criteria. ($135 per 1000 = 13.5 cents per name)


Cost per 1000 Records


Multi-Use License (unlimited follow up)


Single Use License (Mail to each person only one time)

Base Rate Absentee Owner $67.50 $45.00
Plus Selection Criteria Cost per 1000 Cost per 1000
Single Family, Multi, Condo $15.00 $10.00
Home Market Value Range $15.00 $10.00
Loan to Value Range $22.50 $15.00
Purchase Date $15.00 $10.00
Owner’s Age $7.50 $5.00
Number of Bedrooms $7.50 $5.00
Number of Bathrooms $7.50 $5.00
Home Sq. Ft. $11.25 $7.50


The list is sent via email in an excel spreadsheet. Includes the owner’s name and mailing address and the property address along with codes for the various criteria selected.

Contact Information

ListAbility, Inc.


List Brokers and other resellers are eligible for mailing list discounts. Call to inquire.