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Auto Insurance Renewal Mailing List


Auto Insurance Renewal Mailing List

An excellent source of leads for insurance agents.

Contact car insurance prospects by mail before their current policy’s renewal date. With this highly accurate mailing list, you can catch them at the right time to switch coverage to your company. Choose insurance renewal month, type of car and many more selects.

Car Insurance leads can be hard to come by for the insurance agent. You need to catch people just before their insurance policy renews or wait until next year.

Auto Insurance Renewal Mailing List allows you to select the prospect’s renewal month, so you can mail to prospective new customers with your offers at the right time for them to switch coverage

Select your direct mail list by auto make, model, year or classification. Since there are a lot of factors that go into determining auto insurance rates, additional selection criteria includes age, home-ownership or even teens that are of driving age. You can target the types of new customers you want.

Perfect for monthly mailings, this mail list works well for short run and variable print applications.

The marketing list complies with the federal driver privacy protection laws. It is compiled through public and proprietary sources, including surveys, offer responses & sales data.

Sample is required. Mail piece cannot state knowledge of specific information from the file. An example of an acceptable statement is “Is your car insurance renewing soon? It’s time to compare our coverage.”

Can I filter the Auto Insurance Renewal Mailing List by location?

Yes. You can filter by:

  • All USA
  • Zip Code
  • City
  • County
  • State
  • Radius Around an Address

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29,566,300 Nationwide Prospects $55.00
8,087,400 Cars less than 5 years old +$10.00
1,542,500 Luxury vehicle classification +$10.00
18,388,300 Ownership verified within the past year +$10.00


  • Direct Mail List Price per 1000
  • Order Minimum: $125 Charge


A Partial Listing of Additional Selections (Cost is Per 1000 records)

Adult Age $2.50
Car: Make, Model or Year (each) $10.00
Number of Children $2.50
Children’s Age Ranges $2.50
Ethnicity $15.00
Likely Teen Drive $35.00
Education Completed $7.00
Household Income $5.00
Homeowner or Renter $2.50
Marital Status $2.50
Telephone Number $10.00
Geography: Zip, County, State, Area Code, and Radius No Charge


Number of households with auto insurance renewals each month:

Qty Month Qty Month
3,581,400 January 2,953,700 July
2,810,900 February 2,781,600 August
2,930,000 March 2,942,700 September
2,652,500 April 2,783,800 October
2,366,400 May 2,436,000 November
2,960,800 June 2,569,900 December


The available vehicle types include:

Entry Compact Car Entry Mid-Size Car Entry Sports Car
Premium Compact Car Premium Mid-Size Car Premium Sports Car
Premium Full Size Car Compact Pickup Compact SUV
Entry Luxury Car Lt. Duty Full-Size Pickup Mid-Size SUV
Mid-Size Luxury Car Heavy Duty F/S Pickup Full-Size SUV
Sports Luxury Car Luxury Full-Size Pickup Luxury SUV
Premium Luxury Car Compact Van Full-Size Van