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Business Owners at Home Address Mailing List


Send information to Business Owners and Executives at their home address

Business owners are bombarded by marketing messages at the office. Send your information to business owners at their home addresses, away from the gate keepers and information overload at the office.

This is a unique combination of a business and consumer mailing list.

These busy entrepreneurs are prime candidates for vacation, gifts for family, friends and employees, self improvement and investment offers. This marketing list has been enhanced to include many self-reported interests that can help focus your campaign. Call to inquire.

Phone numbers are available. Telemarketing lists are subject to federal do-not-call restrictions

File is selectable by zip, state, county, radius or Congressional District

Business Owners Home Address

Order Minimum: $125

(Price per 1,000 records)

8,930,000 Total Business Owners $50.00
2,142,300 Coded by Profession  +$15.00
378,400 Accounting
144,200 Contractor/Builder
14,900 Retail/Dealer
378,400 Partner






Demographic Selections

$/1000 Select $/1000 Select
$2.50 Adult Age $2.50 Children in household
$5.00 Income (up to $500K+) $7.00 Special Interests
$10.00 Telephone Numbers $25.00 Net Worth
$2.50 Homeowner or Renter $2.50 Political Party
$10.00 Interest in Green Living $7.00  Donates to Charities