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Corporate Headquarters Mailing List


ListAbility’s Corporate Headquarters Mailing List is the premier list for targeting top decision makers. This mail list has many selects available so you can customize to your specific requirements.

Select company headquarters by the number of locations, the number of employees at headquarters or for the entire company and by annual sales.  Single location companies are also available.

This direct mail list is multi-sourced, including directories, government filings, office financing and other public and proprietary sources.

Selectable by zip, state, county, MSA, area code or radius.


Order Minimum: $125

318,830 Corporate Headquarters Locations $65.00/M
267,176 Companies With 2-9 Locations +$25.00/M
50,167 Companies With 10 or More Locations +25.00/M




(Price is Per 1000 records)

Number of Employees (range) $12.00
Number of Employees (exact) $20.00
Sales Volume (range) $12.00
Sales Volume (exact) $20.00
Minority Owned $20.00
Public vs. Private $20.00
Contact Name (primary decision maker) $10.00
Contact Name (select by title/function) $10.00
Franchises (include or exclude) $20.00
Phone Number $20.00
Bundle Phone and Contact $25.00