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Happy Birthday Promotions Mailing List


Birthday promotions are gaining popularity as they continue to prove their effectiveness. What better way to get people in your door than to send them an offer for something special during the month of their birthday!

It is easy! Select 1, 2 or 3 months at a time. Specify age, income or gender for a more targeted list. (after all, you want to send this to people who are most likely to become repeat customers) Then send out your monthly mailing with your special offer.

This is especially good for restaurants, which can attract a full family with an offer of a free desert or maybe a ½ price entrée for the person bringing in their “birthday card”.

Great for tanning salons, car washes, oil changes, barber shops, hair dressers, boutiques, health clubs, investments, facials, massage… What can we say? the list goes on and on.

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – Birthdays are always in season! This list can help you reap the benefits all year round.


Quantity Segment Price
157,581,800 Total Birthday Universe $50/100


Price is for 1000 records and for single use of data. Call for additional usage.
Minimum Order: $200 plus $35 output charge.

13,554,500  January Birthdays 13,658,700  July Birthdays
12,137,000  February Birthdays 13,879,600  August Birthdays
12,149,900  March Birthdays 13,736,400  September Birthdays
12,360,600  April Birthdays 13,537,800  October Birthdays
12,766,400  May Birthdays 12,649,671  November Birthdays
13,085,900  June Birthdays 13,065,000  December Birthdays


A Partial Listing of Available Selects (cost is per 1000 records)

$/1000 Select $/1000 Select
$2.50 Adult Age $25.00 Net Worth
$2.50 Income $7.00 Special Interests
$2.50 Children’s Age Range $7.00 Education Level
$2.50 Homeowner or Renter $2.50 Working Women
$2.50 Gender $6.00 Pet Owners
$7.00 Auto: Make, Model, Year $15.00 Ethnicity
$35.00 New Parent $10.00 Home Market Value


Internet Delivery of file $35.00 Delivered in CSV/Excel or dBase
Mailing Labels $10/1000 $75 Minimum, plus shipping
CD ROM $75.00 Plus shipping


Contact Information

ListAbility, Inc.


List Brokers and other resellers are eligible for mailing list discounts. Call to inquire.