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Manufacturing Companies Mailing List


Manufacturing is the backbone of the American Economy. ListAbility’s direct marketing list is the best way for you to get in touch with these manufacturers to market your products and services. Choose type of business along with HQ, branch or plant locations.

With this Manufacturers Mailing List, the type of business can be selected, including food producers, chemicals, rubber, apparel, furniture, paper & printing, building materials, transportation and hi-tech.

This Manufacturing Company list can also be narrowed down by additional factors such as number of employees, sales volume or minority owned. Contacts include the Primary decision maker, Owner or President along with some manufacturing specific titles.

Locations can be selected based on whether or not manufacturing is done at that specific address.

SIC codes (up to the 8-digit detail) can be selected based on the specific type of manufactured products.

This marketing list is multi-sourced; including directories, government filings, financing and other public and proprietary sources. File is selectable by zip, state, county, MSA, area code or radius.

Get a postal and telemarketing list of manufacturers for multiple points of marketing contact.



Order Minimum: $125
Additional Selections (Cost is per 1000 records)

774,800 Total Manufacturing Company Locations $50.00
41,100 Total Headquarters +$12.00
78,800 Total Headquarters +$20.00


Types of manufacturing companies

Qty Manufature Type (SIC) Qty Manufature Type (SIC)
41,300 Food Producers (20) 5,100 Leather (31)
49,000 Textile & Apparel (22,23) 31,600 Stone, Clay, Glass, Concrete (32)
57,800 Lumber & Wood Products (24) 12,900 Primary Metal Industries (33)
21,700 Furniture (25) 60,200 Fabricated Metal (34)
12,500 Paper (26) 94,700 Machinery and Computer Equip (35)
128,700 Printing (27) 43,700 Electronic & Electirical (36)
36,400 Chemical (28) 25,300 Transportation Equipment (37)
5,500 Petroleum Industries (29) 107,400 Intruments, Photo & Other (38,39)
20,700 Rubber & Plastics (30)


Manufacturing at this location $20.00
Number of Employees (range) $12.00
Sales Volume (range) $12.00
Company Owns Building $12.00
Minority Owned $20.00
Contact Name $10.00
Phone Number $20.00
Phone and Contact Bundle $25.00
Public Vs Private $20.00
Year Started $20.00