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Mortgage Broker Lists

Attract New Customers with ListAbility’s Specialized Mailing List Leads for Mortgage Brokers

Most effective lead generation campaigns for mortgage brokers utilize Direct Mail Marketing. Using the right mailing list, your letters and post cards can be very successful in helping you attract new customers.

We have the super-targeted lists that allow you to tailor your marketing campaign to specific homeowner segments.

You decide which mortgage products you want to promote

We provide the list with the best prospects

Our Mortgage Broker Leads can be customized for you:

  • Select your market area with zips, cities or counties
  • Choose the home value range and Loan to Value
  • Specify homeowner age and income
  • Consider Economic Stability Indicators (ESI) – a model developed to predict economic status with regards to ability to qualify for credit offers. ESI doesn’t pull from credit scores so a firm offer of credit isn’t required!

Variable Rate Mortgage Holders

Loans set to have payment increases are prime candidates for refinancing.

Select by loan date and amount – LTV and home value also available

FHA and VA mortgage holders

This is a great list to target homeowners who are interested in lowering their mortgage payment since many homeowners with FHA loans may have a high interest rate, or an ARM.

Identify people whose equity has grown because home values have gone up and have lower LTV.

Offer to lower interest rates and eliminate PMI

Veteran Household

Find veterans who may be interested in using your mortgage products for refinancing.

Specific Lenders Mortgage List

Pull a list of all homeowner mortgages by the name of the lender. This can be a lucrative target if you know clients are unhappy with their servicing or perhaps their interest rates were higher.

Combine with home value, loan date, transaction type (resale or refi), loan amount, loan to value and Economic Stability Indicators

Families with children nearing college age

Homeowners with children age 15-17 are getting close to college tuition bills. They could be interested in cash out refinancing.

Can be combined with home value, loan date, loan amount, lendable home equity range (based on LTV, not loan balance), child age, presence of an existing second loan

Reverse Mortgage Candidates

Help cash-strapped seniors use the equity in their home by offering Reverse Mortgages.

Age 62 or older, 15+ year ownership, Low Economic Stability Indicators

Eliminate people who already have the reverse mortgage

Loan Consolidation for Owners with Multiple Mortgages

Offer refinancing to homeowners with multiple mortgages – including open equity lines of credit

Specify medium to high Economic Stability Indicator to increase the loan qualification rates.

First-Time Homebuyers

Find renters who are most likely to qualify for a mortgage. This is a good list to offer a home-buying seminar. Think about teaming up with a realtor to share the expenses.

Renters age 26-49, good income for your market, medium to high Economic Stability Indicators