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New Homeowners Mailing List


Find the latest new homeowners to introduce to your products and services. This New Homeowners mailing list is updated weekly with records available for the previous 6 months.

Contact these new home buyers before your competition knows that they are there!

New homeowners typically establish new buying patterns, service relationships and make major purchases right after they move in.

New homeowners are extremely desirable because they represent a segment with a high degree of purchasing power. They look for major appliances and furniture, home improvements, neighborhood services and more.

Select whether or not the household moved locally or from out of the area: same zip code, same SCF (first 3 digits of zip) or out of the area. The previous address and distance of move is available for about 20% of the file.

This new homeowners mailing list is a rolling 6 month file. The update is available each Monday.  New records are added, and the ones that have been on the file for over 6 months are removed.

Data is multi-sourced, including directories, government filings, office financing and other public and proprietary sources.

Selectable by zip, state, county, MSA, area code or radius.



1,003,100 Total New Homeowners $65.00


  • Direct Mail List Price per 1000 records is for single use of data.
  • Call for additional usage.
  • Order Minimum: $200 plus Output Format Charges (3,076 records)


Additional Selections (Cost is Per 1000 records)

Loan Amount* $10.00
Loan Interest Rate type* $10.00
Loan Type* $10.00
History Flag N/C
Home Market Value $15.00
Homeowner Type $5.00
Loan to Value Ratio (LTV) $20.00
Loan Transaction Type $10.00
Phone Received Date N/C
Property Type $5.00
Publication Date (posted to the file) N/C
Purchase Amount / Transaction Value $10.00
Purchase / Loan Date $10.00
Telephone Number $10.00
Trust Flag N/C
*Available for 1st, 2nd or 3rd loans where applicable



Internet Delivery of file $35.00 Delivered in CSV/Excel or dBase
Mailing Labels $10/1000 $50 Minimum, plus shipping
CD ROM $75.00 Plus shipping


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List Brokers and other resellers are eligible for mailing list discounts. Call to inquire.