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Pet Owners Mailing List / Leads

Pets enhance people’s lives, so they pamper them with love, attention and purchases. How often have you heard: “I want to come back as one of my pets”.

These households with pets are perfect candidates for pet stores, veterinarian/medical services, pet sitting services, specialty gifts, pet food and pet-friendly travel offers – just to name a few.  Use this list for fundraising to find donors for animal causes.

These owners have made pet related purchases in the past 2 years and have self-reported that they own a cat or dog. The file is updated monthly.  File is selectable by zip, state, county, radius or Congressional District.

The list is compiled of people who have purchased pet-related products from our data partners within the past 2 years and have self-reported that they own a cat or dog.

Consider pet owners who are homeowners with single family homes with average to high income.


Pet Owners List Segments

10,044,241 Total Pet Owners $55.00/1000
4,662,169 Dog Owners
3,352,208 Cat Owners
4,386,710 Pet Owners with Children +$2.50/1000


Direct Mail List Price per 1000 records

Order Minimum: $125

A Partial Listing of Demographic Selections

$/1000 Select $/1000 Select
$2.50 Adult Age $2.50 Children’s Age Ranges
$2.50 Income $7.00 Special Interests
$10.00 Car:Make, Model or Year $25.00 Net Worth
$2.50 Homeowner or Renter $2.50 Political Party
$7.00 Donors to Animal Causes $7.00 Interest in Outdoor Activites
$10.00 Interest in Green Living $7.00 Interest in Travel
$20.00 Organic/Homeopathic Focus $10.00 Telephone Numbers