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Political Mailing List – Registered Voters

Segment your mailing by demographics so you can send different messages that will resonate with the recipient. Young families with children have a very different agenda than most singles or retirees, so send them the message that will catch their interest!

Select voters by party, demographics, lifestyle interests along with their tendency to donate to various conservative or liberal causes.

Unlike the typical voter registration files that are publicly available, ListAbility’s Political Mailing List is updated and put through change of address processing each month. Its robust set of demographics will allow you to target your specific audience with the message that will resonate with them.

In addition to political campaigns, use this file for fundraising, building support for issues and surveys.

Telephone numbers are available for qualifying political campaigns and surveys. Sample scripts and proof of qualification are required to obtain the phone numbers for people registered on the federal Do-Not-Call list.

This marketing list is compiled through public sources, self reported and other proprietary sources.

File is can be selected by zip, state, county, radius or Congressional District. (unfortunately, local precints are not on the file to be selected)


Voter Segments

127,322,914 Total Voters $50.00
55,509,199 List of Democrats
29,715,804 List of Republicans
42,097,911 List of Independent and Undeclared Voters
79,761,035 Contributors and Donors to Political Causes +$7.00


Direct Mail List Price per 1000 records is for single use of data. Call for additional usage.

Order Minimum: $200 plus Output Format Charges (3,636 records)


Additional Demographic Selections

$/1000 Select $/1000 Select
$2.50 Adult Age $25.00 Net Worth
$2.50 Income $7.00 Special Interests
$2.50 Children’s Age Range $7.50 Single Parent
$2.50 Homeowner or Renter $2.50 Working Mothers
$2.50 Three Generations in Household $10.00 Religion
$7.00 Contributes to Specific Causes $15.00 Ethnicity
$10.00 Congressional District $10.00 Telephone Numbers


List Delivery

File is delivered via email in excel or csv format.


Contact Information

ListAbility, Inc.


List Brokers and other resellers are eligible for mailing list discounts. Call to inquire.