Suppose you own a business that markets products or services to businesses in the manufacturing sector. In that case, you may want to consider a Manufacturing Mailing List to increase your reach and boost sales.

There are over 250 thousand manufacturing companies in the USA.

Manufacturing Mailing List—What is it?

It is a marketing list that contains the contact details, names, titles, and addresses of top manufacturing companies in the USA and their top decision-makers.

Common types of manufacturing businesses to search for

Although there are over 250 thousand manufacturing businesses in the USA, below is a list of the commonly searched for:

  • Textile Products
  • Wood products
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Food and Kindred Products
  • Tobacco products
  • Textile Mill products
  • Paper
  • Petroleum refined products
  • Plastic Products
  • Leather Products
  • Allied Products
  • Chemical Products
  • Allied products
  • Transportation equipment
  • Instruments Manufacturing industries
  • Primary Metal Industries
  • Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Electric Equipment Electronics

Types of businesses that can benefit from a Manufacturing Mailing List

Businesses that sell products and services to manufacturing companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the Manufacturing Mailing List. Below is a list of the major companies:

  • Software Development Tools
  • Machinery Rental & Sales
  • Computer Hardware & Software Solutions
  • Employment Agencies
  • Server & Business Solution Applications
  • Office Furniture
  • HR Solutions

How do I get a list of Manufacturing companies?

You can order a mailing list on the website or speak with our List Specialist over the phone. It takes less than 5 minutes to get a Mailing List up and running.

Formats of the Manufacturing Mailing List

The Manufacturing Mailing Lists are available in two formats; Excel and PDF files which can be easily downloaded and saved to your computer. You can have your print or prints on Avery 5160 mailing labels.


[Q] Is it possible to mail to the headquarter of the company?

[A] On the demography page, there is a headquarters selection.

[Q] What’s the best way to target manufacturing companies close to my business office?

[A] There are two ways to target the geographic area. The first involves selecting your geographic area using a specific zip code, county, or county filter. You could also construct a radius around your desired address.

[Q] I can’t find the selection I am looking for. Is there any solution?

[A] Yes, there is a solution. Call us on (888) 905-2659, and our team of researchers will be glad to help you.

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