Swimming Pool Maintenance

Competition is tight for pool maintenance business. You want to get agreements to open and close pools as well as lucrative seasonal service contracts. It is easy to reach out to turn prospects into customers.


What is the best way to contact homeowner with swimming pools?

You want to make the best use of your marketing budget. Postcards can be very effective in promoting your pool services business. It’s a great way to get information on your services into the hands of the pool owners.

You can put together a mail campaign to a mailing list of homeowners with swimming pools in a couple easy steps.

  1. Get a Pool Owner Mailing List
  • Define your service area – Do you cover full counties? Specific zip codes or cities? Perhaps you want to specify a drivetime radius from your office.
  • Determine other qualifying factors – for example, do you want to specify a minimum home value or income? Maybe people who have been in the home for less than 5 years? Perhaps you want to target families with children for safety products or pool toys.
  • Contact a mailing list broker to find out how many are in your area and get a quotation for a pool owner list. An accurate mail list is the important starting point for any marketing campaign. Start with ListAbility’s mailing list services.

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  1. Order and mail your postcards
  • Choose your post card – You don’t need to pay a graphic designer. It’s simple to choose from several pre-designed templates that fit the message you want to send. Printing and postage are included in the pricing.
  • Personalize your message – upload your logo, add pertinent bullet points about your services and maybe specify discounts.
  • Once you order your post card, start expecting calls in 5-10 days when they have been delivered into the homes of your pool owner prospects

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