Mortgage-related businesses can establish connections with homeowners using the Mortgage Mailing Lists & Loan to Value Ratios based on the amount of equity they own. This mailing list can also help financial institutions such as banks establish connections with homeowners who qualify based on the amount of equity in their homes.

What is the Loan to Value Ratio? And why is it important?

The Loan to Value Ratio is derived by dividing the current mortgage balance by current home value. Basically, it is the ratio of a loan collected to the value of an asset purchased. It is important because it reveals the amount of equity a homeowner has in his home and the amount of money he can be allowed to borrow. This ratio sometimes is indicative of wealth.

Mortgage Mailing Lists with Loan to Value Ratio—What is it?

It is a marketing list of homeowners who have a specified amount of equity in the USA.

Below is a typical example of how homeowners can be graded based on a high or low loan Value Ratio.

  • 0-10%
  • 10-20%
  • 20-30%
  • 30-40%
  • 40-50%
  • 50-60%
  • 60-70%
  • 70-80%
  • 80-90%
  • 90+%

How does the Mailing List look like?

It looks like a typical excel file. To request a sample, contact us or give us a call on (888) 905-2659.

Information contained in a Mortgage Mailing List

The following are contained in a Mortgage Mailing List;

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Loan to Value Ratio
  • Other Demographics

Types of businesses that benefit from knowing a Homeowner’s Loan to Value Ratio

Mortgage-related businesses that market to homeowners who have equity in their houses are top of the food chain. They include;

  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Loan officers
  • Mortgage marketers
  • Insurance providers
  • Refinance opportunities
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Home Improvement Loans

Is it possible to get a list of Homeowners who have a low Loan to Value Ratio?

Yes, it is possible. Our job is to help you reach Homeowners of all categories, including those who have a low Loan to Value Ratio.

Other mortgage information you can find on our list

  • Mortgage amount
  • Purchase Price
  • Estimated Home Value
  • New / Resale
  • Loan type etc

What is the accuracy level of your mailing list?

Our Mortgage Mailing List with Loan to Value Ration is over 95% accurate. It is cleaned and updated daily to contain relevant information. We are 100% certain you will find our mailing list top-notch.

Mortgage Mailing Lists With Loan To Value Ratios FAQs

[Q] Does the Loan to Value Ratio reveal the homeowner’s wealth?

[A] Because it reveals the amount of equity in the home, it reveals the homeowner’s wealth.

[Q] Can the loan to value ratio reveal how much a homeowner can borrow?

[A]Yes, it can.

[Q] Is it possible to select other demographics for a mailing list with loan-to-value ratios?

[A]Yes, it is possible.

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