The pet-owner market in America is HUGE and still growing! In fact, an ASPCA survey revealed that close to one in five households acquired a cat or dog since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Companies marketing everything from veterinary services to pet food, pet toys, dog walking can benefit from a direct marketing campaign utilizing the Pet Owner Mailing List.

Pet Owners Mailing List—What is it?

Our Pet Owner List is comprised of households who have purchased pet-related products within the past 24 months. Furthermore, they have self-reported that they own a cat or dog. Additional sources include pet supply stores, magazine subscriptions, questionnaires and surveys.

Depending on what you are selling, you might want to include some additional requirements to get the names of your best prospective customers:

  • Income – because you want to be sure that they can afford your products or services
  • Donors – people with a history of giving to animal causes will of course be the most likely to donate to your charity
  • Age of the head of household – for example, most millennials buy gifts for their pets every month
  • Presence of children
  • Homeowners and/or renters
  • Length of residence
  • Geographic area – needless to say, you will want people on your list to live in your service area. Specify cities, zips, counties or even a radius around your address.
  • Just ask if you have other requests!

Is it possible to get a list of dog owners?

Yes, it is possible. A list of dog owners in your area can be prepared for you at your request.

Is it possible to get a list of cat owners?

Yes, it is possible. A list of cat owners in your area can be prepared for you at your request.

Are your lists accurate?

The short answer is yes. The lists are cleaned and frequently updated as new information keeps pouring in. Our clients report better than 95% while the industry average list deliverability is between 85-95%,

Why should you get a list from ListAbility?

  • Experience and Knowledge: ListAbility’s experts can guide you and provide the recommendations to improve your direct marketing efforts
  • Quality Data: multiple sources and frequent updates provide the most accurate lists on the market
  • Customer Service: in addition to being knowledgeable, our reps are also timely and courteous

What is the number of pet owners are in the USA?

There are over 32 million pet owners in the USA! This is just the icing on the cake. Research shows pet owners contribute approximately $75 billion to the economy each year!

How do I get a Pet Owners Mailing List?

Complete the form below or link to our Pet Owners List page. Be sure to give the geographic area you are marketing to. One of our list experts will run a report to show how many are available and email a quotation to you. Next, when the list has been adjusted to your liking, we will send an invoice. After the invoice has been paid the file will be sent to you via email.

Alternatively, you can build your own list on ListAbility Online.

In addition, you can email your request to ListAbility [email protected] or call us at (888) 905-2659

Pet Owners Mailing List FAQs

[Q] Is it possible to get a list of only retired people who own dogs?

[A]Yes. We suggest using pet owners age 68 – 89 to target a list of retired dog owners.

[Q] Is it possible to get the phone numbers of pet owners on the mailing list?

[A] First you need to order a mailing list. Next, we can add phone numbers and email where available for an additional cost.


ListAbility provides quality lists

ListAbility has aligned with the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate data compilers. In brief, they have been collecting, analyzing and compiling data from numerous sources for 40 or more years. Indeed, our clients have benefited from the ability to optimize their marketing budget by targeting their best prospects. Unquestionably, the accuracy is top notch with monthly updates. Most of our mailing lists include the National Change of Address (NCOA)

Furthermore, we have joined forces with some newer compilers. While they might not have all the granularity and choices as our primary vendors, but they can include phone and email contact information in addition to the mailing address for your list.

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