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Motivated Seller Lists / Off-Market Leads

Suggestions for Real Estate Investor Lists


Absentee Owners with Equity

High equity

Specify home value

Single family, multifamily and/or condo

Length of ownership


Seniors with Long-Time Ownership

Owner Occupied recommended (Absentee available too)

15+ Year Ownership

Specify home value

Single family, multifamily and/or condo


Owners With Low Economic Stability Indicators (ESI)

People who are  likely to be struggling financially

Occupied recommended (Absentee available too)

Recommend 5+ year ownership

Recommend age 40+


Recently Divorced

People who have responded to a survey, indicating that the are “recently divorced”

Owner Occupied ONLY

2+ year ownership

This is a small list – we recommend a large geographic area.


ListAbility provides some very effective lists to help you find motivated sellers. However there are some lists that are not available:

  • Probate
  • Code violations
  • Days Late
  • Pre-foreclosure / Foreclosure
  • Tax Liens

Consider Low Economic Stability Indicator List as an alternative to identify struggling homeowners.