Seniors Information Request

Seniors with 15+ Year Ownership Mailing List for Real Estate Investors

Why should you get a mailing list of Seniors with 15+ Year Ownership?
Many seniors start to think about selling whether it’s due to downsizing or needing more assistance. What’s holding them back? They think it’s going to be a lot of work before they can put the house on the market.
This is where you come in.

Get a list of senior homeowners and send them a letter or post card spelling out just how easy selling their house can be when they work with you!
Let them know that they don’t have to do a thing but pack up what they want. No replacing that old roof or torn screen, no new paint. What’s better is that it’s likely you are the only one sending mail to these seniors so you won’t be competing with a lot of other Real Estate Investors.

Recommended Senior Homeowner Mail List

  • Seniors age 60-89
  • Owner Occupied (can include Absentee if wanted)
  • 15+ year Ownership
  • Single Family Home
  • Specific Home Market Value
  • Eliminate known Low Equity homes

Additional Selections to Consider
Please be aware that not all areas provide this data so you will probably want to include additional selections.

  • Number of Stories
  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Year Home Built


Minimum Order: $125.00

Senior w/ 15+ ownership Retail              per 1,000
Base Rate  $           40.00
Homeowner Type  $             5.00
Home Market Value Range  $           10.00
Property Type Detail  $           10.00
Loan to Value Range  $            15.00
Purchase Date  $           10.00
Age  $                  –
Total:  $           90.00

9 cents/lead