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Do you have the best address information correctly entered in your customer database? Update your house file by utilizing the USPS tools for address standardization. NCOA, CASS, DPV, LACS – these can all help you to save postage and keep in touch with your customers and prospects.

CASS / Address Standardization

Meet USPS requirements for CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) certified mailings by appending ZIP+4 and postal codes to the records in your list. Addresses are matched to the monthly updated USPS National Address File.

By processing your data through CASS you can:

  • Validate and correct U.S. addresses for accuracy
  • Append Zip+4, carrier route and delivery point codes
  • Standardize your data to USPS specifications to qualify for postal discounts

DPV (Delivery Point Validation)

Eliminate undeliverable records and save the postage costs. DPV assures the deliverability of the mail-piece, even if the address has been verified by a CASS ZIP+4 certified process to be accurate only within a street range. DPV verifies the address to the actual point of delivery and can also identify an address location at a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA).

DPV is important with all classes of mail, but it becomes most profitable when using Standard rates. Unlike a First-Class mail-piece that will be forwarded or returned to the sender, the USPS will simply discard your undeliverable Standard mail.

DSF2 (Delivery Sequence File)

This service compares your file to the 2nd Generation Delivery Sequence File, which contains a record for every address delivery point in the United States. Your list will be verified for the highest level of accuracy possible, ensuring you the highest deliverability for the lowest cost.

  • Validates and Standardizes addresses
  • Adds postal codes and walk sequence numbers
  • Distinguishes between residential and business addresses
  • Detects potentially undeliverable addresses
  • Identifies addresses that are seasonal or vacant

The match percentage will vary depending on the accuracy of your list. The process is an exact matching process. Your record must match our database record exactly to get the DSF2 address information appended.

By processing your data through DSF2 you can:

  • Reduce your returned mail
  • Qualify for postal discounts
  • CASS Certify & Standardize your list
  • Get faster delivery with Zip+4

LACS (Locatable Address Correction System)

Increase your deliverables using the new street names of your rural route customers and prospects.

LACS was developed in response to local 911 systems to convert business and residential rural route addresses to street-style addresses.

Because the residents do not actually move when they receive a new address, change of address forms are not filed. These permanent address conversions typically involve renumbering and renaming rural route, highway route and box numbers as city-style addresses. The changes are updated monthly, and, after one year, the rural route addresses are considered undeliverable.

LACS processing identifies these addresses and automatically updates your records. Match percentagevaries depending on the accuracy of the names on your list. Your record must match our database record exactly otherwise no match will be given. Running some form of address verification like CASS, DSF or NCOA may improve the append percentage and is recommended before processing your list.

By processing your data through LACS you can:

  • Reduce your returned mail
  • Qualify for postal discounts
  • CASS Certify & Standardize your list
  • Get faster delivery with Zip+4