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Don’t send duplicate mail pieces to the same person or household! When information is entered into your database of customers and prospects, the same person may inadvertently be added more than once – with subtle differences in spelling of their name and street addresses.

Remove duplicates within the same file – or merge multiple files and identify records that are included on more than one.

Duplicate Detection

How often are two or more pieces of identical mail sent to the same person, household or location? According to some companies, as much as 15% of their data is duplicated.

Joseph P. Smith at 100 Main Street may also be listed as Joe Smith at 100 Main St, Apt 3a.

Merge files and Purge Duplicates (Merge/Purge)

When you need to pull together multiple files for a campaign, it can be difficult to pull out the duplicates. ListAbility can perform a file merge, identify and remove duplicates.

Save postage and printing by cleaning your lists

With the price of postage ever increasing, the cost of sending duplicate mailings is no longer something that can be ignored. Additionally, the positive business image, which companies spend so much time and money to build, is tarnished by irritating their customers with duplicate mailings.

ListAbility can help you lower or eliminate costs related to incorrect or duplicate data.

By identifying and eliminating duplicates you can:

  • Eliminate duplicate pieces of mail going to one target
  • Save money on postage, printing, and preparation costs
  • Avoid upsetting customers who receive multiple copies of the same materials
  • Improve Mail Deliverability