6” x 11” Yellow Postcards

A 6” x 11” yellow postcard stands out by its sheer size. It’s certain to dwarf everything else in the mailbox. That’s guaranteed brand awareness! Especially when it’s a bright color like yellow. But it also offers a broad canvas for you to communicate your message. You can add more detail about your products or services, include a striking image, or simply make your call to action impossible to miss.

Direct Mail Postcard Printing

While the size and design of your postcard is important, you want your direct mail postcards to fall into the right mailboxes. As a list broker, ListAbility can pre-print addresses from our extensive prospect database directly on the postcards. Forget about printing and applying the address labels yourself. We have both business and consumer lists. Plus, we maintain hundreds of fields you can use to filter and sort your mailing list. Age, gender, or location (city, state, zip, neighborhood) – just to name a few.

Direct Mail Postcard Ideas

Your 6” x 11” has plenty of room for creativity – it’s really big!

  • For a university program – include photos and quotes of current students and faculty
  • For a car dealership – offer a limited time deal that’s too good to pass up
  • For a restaurant – provide mouth-watering images and valuable coupons

Postcard Sizes for Direct Mail

Not sure if 6” x 11” is the right size? You could scale down to a 6” x 8.5”. Or, a smaller size like 4.25” x 5.5” might do the trick if you have a simple message to communicate.

We have a variety of sizes – also in white.

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