Intergenerational Family Mailing List

Adult children play a major role in the decisions made by their elderly parents.

This is an excellent source of leads for nursing homes and assisted living facilities

Tap into the power of the Intergenerational Family Mailing List. These relationships play a major role in family decisions. Get a mailing list based on familial relationships – even if they live halfway across the country!

Reach across generations to contact adults with living elderly parents. Mail list selections can be based on the elderly parent’s information, the adult children’s information, or both.

Senior Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes: Contact local adults who may be making long-term living decisions for their parents. Think of how many seniors want to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

Investment Advisors and Estate Planners: Contact households that need to plan for possible future inheritance.

College Savings Plans: Contact grandparents to set up contributions for their grandchildren.

Long Term Care Insurance: Adult children can be influencers or obtain insurance on their parent’s behalf to protect assets and future inheritance.

Reverse Mortgage: Alert adult children to the benefits and financial independence that their parents can enjoy with a reverse mortgage.

The file is selectable by zip, state, county, radius for both the adult child and elderly parent.

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