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Absentee Homeowner Lists

Absentee Homeowner Lists

Absentee Homeowner Lists serve as prime lead sources, catering to proactive real estate investors and real estate agents seeking motivated sellers. Harness the power of absentee homeowner lists to optimize your real estate investment strategy.

Direct marketing emerges as the ultimate method for real estate investors to connect with potentially motivated sellers and seal property deals. The Absentee Homeowners Mailing List stands out as a highly fruitful target audience, proving effective across various investment strategies such as BRRR, Wholesaling, Rental, Fix ‘n Flip, and realtor listing initiatives.

Whether you’re focused on BRRR, Wholesaling, Rental, Fix ‘n Flip, or realtor listing strategies, absentee homeowner lists offer a versatile solution. Ensure your pipeline remains robust with these targeted lists, delivering not only opportunities for investors but also serving as a rich source of leads for agents and property managers.

Effectively leverage direct mail, email, and telemarketing channels to reach your target audience. The key to success lies in the precision of your list, ensuring that you connect with individuals poised to become motivated sellers. Absentee homeowner lists provide the strategic advantage needed to make your marketing efforts impactful and fruitful in the competitive real estate landscape.

What are the best lists to find motivated sellers?

ABSENTEE HOMEOWNERS Mailing List- This is our topic of focus. They are the #1 list for REI. However, they also make great sources of leads for agents and property managers. Once you get a mailing list, you will have several options to market to them.

Why are Absentee Owners so good for Real Estate Investors?

Unlock the potential of absentee homeowners who are more inclined to sell their properties. Many individuals discover the challenges of being a landlord and lose interest, making selling an attractive option. While they may contemplate selling, some haven’t taken any action yet.

Investing in real estate offers numerous advantages, from potential monthly rental income to tax benefits. However, not everyone is suited to be a real estate investor.

Efficient Marketing to Absentee Homeowners: A Cost-Effective Approach

Connecting with absentee homeowners requires a targeted marketing approach, particularly as a more affordable and effective alternative to generic direct mail or widespread cold calling. Tailor your message to resonate with absentee homeowners, addressing their unique needs and considerations for a successful outreach strategy.

What Is an Absentee Owners List?

Dive into the realm of absentee homeowners or absentee owners—individuals who own a property but do not reside in it. These property owners maintain a separate primary mailing address, where the tax bill is directed. Absentee owner properties are also commonly referred to as non-owner-occupied properties.

Understanding the Reasons Behind Absentee Ownership

Various circumstances lead people to become absentee homeowners. Properties falling under this category can include vacant houses, rental properties, vacation homes, or inherited properties.

Examples of Absentee Homeowners in Real Estate

Absentee Landlords: Remote real estate investors targeting markets with more affordable property prices and higher potential returns than their local markets.

Out-of-Town Homeowners: Individuals who once lived in a location but relocate for various reasons, opting to retain the property as an investment by renting it out instead of selling immediately.

Absentee by Inheritance or Accidental Investors: People who inherit vacant or rental properties and decide to venture into real estate investing, sometimes unintentionally earning the moniker of “accidental investors.”

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Entities with publicly-traded shares on stock exchanges, providing opportunities for investors to engage in real estate ventures.

Ways To Determine The Property Type ?

To determine which property types are which, you often must use common sense and location. Unfortunately, public records do not have a specific set of criteria available to clarify the property type.

It’s safe to assume that properties are long-term rentals if they aren’t near vacation or tourist attractions or other areas where people might be visiting – like a college or university.

  • You can most likely determine if the property that is located in a a vacation destination or tourist spot, and the owner doesn’t own any other properties in the area, it’s probably a vacation home
  • Short term rentals can usually be identified if the property is in a vacation area and the owner has several non-owner-occupied properties.

Like every rule there will always be exceptions to all of the above, but even just by focusing on absentee homeowners, you will have already improved the targeting of your marketing tremendously.

Absentee Owners are Motivated Sellers

Targeting absentee homeowners can open doors to lucrative client relationships. For real estate investors, there’s an opportunity to propose buying the property directly from an absentee owner. Likewise, real estate agents can extend their services by offering to list the home, while property managers can step in to manage the property efficiently.

Here are compelling reasons why Absentee Owners make excellent prospects for Real Estate Investors, Realtors, and Property Management companies:

Real Estate Investors: Offer direct selling or buying solutions for the absentee owner’s property.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers: Approach absentee owners to list their properties for sale.

Property Management Companies: Provide comprehensive rental and maintenance services, particularly advantageous for out-of-state owners.

Leverage Opportunities and Boost Business

Reaching out to absentee owners unveils multiple opportunities to enhance your business. Consider the following motivating factors that might prompt an absentee owner to sell:

Landlord Fatigue: Dealing with problematic tenants and property vacancies can lead to exhaustion.

Suboptimal ROI: Current rental agreements may not be delivering the expected return on investment.

Regulatory Challenges: New laws like rent control or tenant rights can hinder profitability by restricting rent increases.

Investment Optimization: Absentee owners, less emotionally attached to their properties, may seek better opportunities to maximize their investment returns.

Evolving Lifestyle: Vacation homes may lose appeal over the years, especially as children grow and move away.

Inherited Property Concerns: Inherited properties that are unwanted may lead heirs to opt for liquidation to distribute proceeds among multiple beneficiaries.

Seize the opportunity to connect with absentee owners and elevate your real estate endeavors with strategic solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Tired Landlords

Novice real estate investors often dive into acquiring rental properties without conducting thorough vetting, comprehensive market analysis, and a careful examination of financial documents and crucial metrics like cap rate, cash on cash return, IRR, and the CAP. Influenced by late-night infomercials or YouTube/TV home investing shows, they wake up inspired to emulate real estate moguls like Tony Robbins.

Due to inadequate due diligence, some absentee real estate homeowners find themselves with rental properties that, despite their great potential, remain vacant. Fatigued property owners, in particular, become the ideal type of absentee homeowners.

The Struggle of Tired Landlords

Managing rental properties can be a daunting task for tired property owners who may have skipped proper screening of tenants. Chasing tenants for monthly rent and handling repairs entail significant financial burdens, adding stress to their lives.

The Turning Point: Absentee Homeowners Ready to Sell

The challenges of being landlords prompt some absentee owners to consider selling, especially when approached by an investor making a decent offer. Leveraging the frustration and fatigue of absentee homeowners provides an opportunity for savvy investors to secure promising deals and maximize their real estate investment portfolios.

Weary Heirs Are Motivated Sellers

Accidental homeowners or those who inherit real estate burdened by high taxes or maintenance costs can serve as a lucrative source of deals for seasoned real estate investors. These heirs, thrust into the role of “accidental real estate investors” overnight, often lack an emotional attachment to the property, presenting a unique opportunity for experienced investors.

The Dilemma of Accidental Real Estate Investors

While inheriting an investment property, especially a rental, may seem appealing, heirs typically lack the know-how of real estate investing. As a result, they may view the inherited property more as a liability than an asset, despite it often being received free and clear or with substantial equity.

Turning Inherited Property into a Valuable Opportunity

Inherited property, often acquired without a mortgage liability, becomes a potential treasure for heirs, akin to “found money.” This situation makes heirs more open to cashing out if presented with the right offer. Savvy investors can tap into this market by reaching out to heirs, providing the right offer, and positioning the inherited property as an investment ready for divestment.

Utilizing an Inherited Property Mailing List for Success

Investors and realtors can benefit from utilizing an Inherited Property Mailing List, encompassing interfamily transfers and transfers significantly below market value. This targeted list enhances outreach efforts, connecting with potential sellers in the lucrative market of accidental homeowners.

Seizing Opportunities in the Absentee Homeowner Market

Not every absentee owner may be willing to sell or engage your services. However, when comparing absentee homeowner properties to owner-occupied properties, the potential for opportunities becomes evident. Approach absentee homeowners with the perspective that they are not selling their homes but rather divesting from an investment. Convey the idea of divesting the investment, and you create a compelling funnel for successful engagement and transactions.

ListAbility offers you choices:

Furthermore, ListAbility provides options for how you work with us. You can choose to use to run your own reports and place orders. Alternatively, you can complete a form with the criteria you want, or you can call one of our expert representatives can offer suggestions and do the work for you.

Run your own reports on

  1. Video tutorials can help you pull your own lists. Run as many reports as you want to look at various options. You don’t pay for anything until you order a list for download.

Call, email or fill out a form.

  1. Let ListAbility know what you are looking for. We can offer suggestions and then send over a report that will show how many are available and provide a price quotation. Next, when everything is right, we’ll send you an invoice then email the list to you.

Can you get phone numbers and email addresses for Absentee Homeowner Lists?

Yes, some mailing lists will come with the option of getting phones and emails. However, since that tends to limit the number of people you can contact, it is considered best practices to get the Absentee Owners Mailing List and then add phones and email where available.

Bulk Skip Tracing for Absentee Homeowner Lists

Bulk skip tracing proves invaluable for real estate investors aiming to enrich their potential seller mailing lists with additional contact details. This service becomes crucial when investors possess a list of property owners featuring property and mailing addresses, seeking to augment it with phone numbers and email addresses for comprehensive outreach strategies.

How does Bulk Skip Tracing Work?

Our extensive phone and email databases are meticulously crafted from a diverse range of online sources, ensuring continual updates and thorough cleaning. These files often encompass multiple contact points, including those of spouses or close relatives, maximizing the likelihood of reaching interested parties.

Unlock the Power of Data Enrichment with a Simple Process:

Upload Your File:

Begin by uploading your file containing names and addresses.

Database Comparison:

Our system meticulously compares the provided names and addresses against the comprehensive phone and email database.

Identifying Matches:

Upon identification of matches, the corresponding contact details are seamlessly added to your original list.

Return of Enhanced List:

Your finalized list, now enriched with additional phones and emails, is promptly returned to you, ready to supercharge your outreach efforts.

Optimize your engagement strategy with our seamless and efficient process, ensuring your outreach lists are enriched with the most up-to-date and relevant contact information.

ListAbility provides Bulk Skip Tracing for real estate investors and others looking to beef up their contact databases.

Check out the Postcard Templates for Real Estate Investors.

You can also get pricing based on the quantity and size. ListAbility’s Postcard Pricing includes printing and postage. Just upload your list and you are ready to go.


ListAbility provides quality Absentee Homeowner Lists

ListAbility has aligned with the nation’s most comprehensive and accurate data compilers. In brief, they have been collecting, analyzing and compiling data from numerous sources for 40 or more years. Indeed, our clients have benefited from the ability to optimize their marketing budget by targeting their best prospects. Unquestionably, the accuracy is top notch with monthly updates. Most of our mailing lists include the National Change of Address (NCOA)

Furthermore, we have joined forces with some newer compilers. While they might not have all the granularity and choices as our primary vendors, they can include phone and email contact information and the mailing address for your Absentee Homeowner Lists.

Absentee Owner Mailing List Video: Listability Training Video

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Absentee Homeowner Lists