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Economic Stability Indicator Mailing List


Economic Stability Indicator List are people who are having economic troubles

“This motivated seller list directs your offer to people who are likely to be struggling financially”

Experienced Real Estate Investors in the HOT markets are finding that the more popular lists are getting saturated. The Owners with Low Economic Stability Indicator (ESI) List is a good alternative. Since this is a new list to the market, chances are your letter or post card might be the only one in their mailbox.

Another bonus in using this list, is that it is a viable motivated seller list for markets like Kansas, South Carolina, Long Island NY and other markets where Absentee Owner lists are unavailable.

What is the Economic Stability Indicator?

Economic Stability Indicators List is a complex model to select people based on financial stability. It was originally developed for the credit industry as a gauge of creditworthiness. ListAbility helps you target homeowners on the low end of the scale. The ones likely to be struggling with their bill payments.

We use a 2-digit score where one is the most stable owners and 30 are struggling with finances. There are very few homeowners with a score under 20, because with the bad financial factors, they were never able to qualify to purchase a home.

Recommendation for Low Economic Stability Mailing List for Real Estate Investors

  • Absentee and Owner Occupied
  • Specific Home Market Value based on your area
  • Purchased Property 5 or more years ago
  • High Equity (LTV 0-59%)
  • Age 40-79

Additional Selections to Consider:

  • Number of Bedrooms
  • Number of Bathrooms
  • Year Home Built

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