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Append Phone Numbers & Emails

Skip Tracing2023-07-13T14:16:36+00:00
Skip Tracing, Skip Tracing

The Highest Quality Skip Tracing

  • Append Phone Numbers / Email to any List
  • 5 cents per hit / minimum order $25.00
  • Receive up to 1 phone number per hit
  • Receive up to 1 email per hit

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Skip Tracing Cost?2023-05-29T13:39:33+00:00
  • 8 cents per hit
  • Minimum $25.00
What is ListAbility’s Hit Rate?2023-06-01T13:00:58+00:00

Up to 95% Hit Rate

How good is ListAbility’s Quality?2023-05-29T13:21:42+00:00

We provide Top Tier quality that consistently outperforms IDI and Delvepoint, which is the source for most skip tracing providers. Hit rate is up to 95% + with accuracy around 60%.

What is your refund policy?2023-05-29T13:59:54+00:00

All orders are final. We have a zero refund policy.

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