Small Businesses Increased Their Customer Base

Seventy nine percent of small businesses surveyed increased the number of customers that they worked with last year. Not surprisingly, 71% also reported increased revenues. Small Businesses Increased Their Customer Base.

Are you working with more customers than you were a year ago?

Are you getting your fair share of new clients? These companies didn’t get stuck only marketing to that same old company list. They are reaching out and converting new prospects using a media mix that includes targeted prospect lists and inbound marketing channels.

The Netherlands-based company VistaPrint N.V. conducts a quarterly survey for companies with 10 or fewer employees. More than 1900 responded with these findings that they are reporting.

How are they finding these new customers?

While tried and true “word of mouth” is still the favorite, a successful business knows that can’t rely solely on this goodwill method.

Many of the micro-businesses surveyed stated that Direct Mail Marketing would continue to play an important role in their marketing plan for 2012, along with growing interest in the internet and social media.

Direct Mail Marketing is a proven and very effective way to communicate with new prospects. It allows for tightly controlled budgets with accountability, which can be very important to companies without massive advertising and marketing budgets. Direct Mail Lists can be tightly targeted – so postage and printing are only spent for the best prospects, those who are likely to be interested in your products and services.

Whether you are selling to the business or consumer marketplaces, ListAbility is a mailing list provider that can help you reach out to more qualified prospects with your direct marketing programs. As a qualified list broker, they can research just the right business mailing list or consumer mailing list to target your direct marketing campaign.

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